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Month: April 2024

JUST4ALL: Building Social Innovation Learning Laboratories in Europe through a Just Transition for All and with All

Just4All is an initiative promoting a just transition through inclusive and innovative lifelong learning and adult education. The project’s overall objective is to support an inclusive recovery and digital and green transitions in Europe. More specifically, it aims to develop integrated, inclusive, and innovative adult learning and education (ALE) models that promote just transition, with a special focus on migrants, women, and low-skilled adults.

Through this project, the consortium aims to develop new tools, including a Massive Open Open Online Course (MOOC) to promote just transition through far reaching and inclusive teaching, facilitate to groups in a vulnerable situation including migrants, refugees and asylum seekers and women access to education and content related to just transition, and inform policymakers of the current situation, strengthening policies related to a just transition and facilitating the exchange of information and expertise among practitioners.

Just4All will facilitate the implementation of the first principle of the European Pillar of Social Rights (EPSR) on Access to Education, training and life-long learning, and its 20th on Access to Basic Services.

Sport GVP: Preventing Gender Based Violence in and through Sport

The Sport GVP project puts forward a comprehensive program that entails multifaceted actions to contribute to the prevention and tackling of gender-based violence in and through sport. It involves a structured set of activities that wish to generate knowledge and data on the extent and forms gender-based violence appears in sport in the implementing countries and pave the way for responses and actions in and through sport to prevent and tackle violence against individuals on the basis of their gender.

Specifically, the scope, work and objectives the project will primarily focus on promoting the Sport’s programme’s priority to combat violence and tackle racism, discrimination and intolerance in sport’ which calls for actions to combat said behaviours, fight any form of discrimination and promote equality in sport.

Striving Towards Empowering Schools with Innovative Astronomy Teaching Model

In its pursuit to revolutionise astronomy education, the ARISTARCHUS project hosted its transnational partner meeting in Cyprus on April 5. The event, coupled with a visit to the Cyprus Planetarium, aimed to propel the integration of Astronomy into primary and secondary school curricula through new tech advancements and tools.

Addressing the existing challenge of teaching astronomy effectively, ARISTARCHUS project aims to introduce a kinesthetic model of the solar system, fostering hands-on learning experiences to stimulate more engagement amongst young learners. In particular, this initiative is focused on providing a comprehensive teaching framework to guide educators in implementing engaging STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) activities and fostering inclusivity and accessibility for all students.

In line with these goals, the study visit to the Cyprus Planetarium has played an essential role in understanding the use of the latest technologies, tools and narratives that are used in bringing astronomy into life. The partners had an opportunity to meet with the staff, as well as test out interactive boards, VR glasses amongst other tools to first hand experience how important it is to facilitate experiential learning, especially across more abstract subjects such as astronomy.

As the host of the meeting, CARDET has also facilitated discussions among stakeholders to strategise on the project’s next steps and ways to make best practices accessible to all. As the ARISTARCHUS project continues to gain momentum, stakeholders anticipate tangible results and milestones, paving the way for a generation of aspiring astronomers and scientists.

Stay tuned for more updates on the project and visit the ARISTARCHUS website for more information and additional resources.

Green for Life – Energy efficiency promotion and green transition

The Green for Life project aims to raise awareness and responsibility among young people about ecology and climate change to help achieve objectives proposed by the Green Deal. The Green Deal aims to transform the EU into a fair and prosperous society with a modern, competitive and efficient economy that’s decoupled from the use of fossil fuels. More specifically, it aims to achieve no greenhouse emissions beyond 2050. To this end, the Green for Life project strives to support this initiative by providing new and engaging learning materials, tools, programs, educational visits and more to encourage young people to take an active stance on this matter and more towards a more energy efficient society.

GREEN SHOOTS Releases Its First Newsletter

The GREEN SHOOTS project, aimed at advancing skills of Vocational Education and Training (VET) teachers and trainers across the field of green economy, is excited to share the latest updates and milestones in its first official newsletter.

With a strong focus on leveraging the EU Green Deal and GreenComp initiatives, the project is steadily making steps towards enhancing educators’ pedagogical competences, particularly in technical green skills and digital education. Check out the newsletter below to find out the outcomes of its first partner meeting, as well as the next steps of this important initiative.

GREEN SHOOTS: Green Skills for VET learning

GREEN SHOOTS project is designed to proactively contribute and facilitate the European Commission’s ambition to achieve climate neutrality by 2050. With the key goals of the European Skills Agenda to improve the quality and relevance of education and training, the GREEN SHOOTS aims to modernise vocational education and training, as well as promote the development of new skills for emerging industries, and to encourage the use of digital technologies in learning.

In particular, the GREEN SHOOTS project strives to develop new learning materials and tools that address the green skills, knowledge, and abilities needed by young people and workers to understand and appreciate the future employment opportunities within environmental sustainability, renewable energy, energy efficiency, and resource conservation. Having knowledge of these green sectors can help young people pursue careers in fields related to the environment and close the skills gap necessary to reap benefits for the environment, society, and the climate in a way that also encourages plentiful and more fulfilling job opportunities for young people.

Green VET Choices Unveils Its Interactive Learning Platform

In a bid to address environmental challenges and climate change, Green Vet Choices project has now officially unveiled its latest educational materials and e-learning platform to promote Green Vocational Education and Training (VET) careers.

The platform offers a gamified approach, presenting users with three paths (positive, neutral, negative) on over 24 hypothetical narratives to equip VET trainers with the necessary skills and critical thinking to promote green professions and understanding complex environmental challenges. At the conclusion of each narrative, the outcome is revealed, with the positive paths earning a badge for an added element of gamification and progress tracking.

Another unique feature of the Green Vet Choices’ platform is its career guidance system, which directs users to green VET institutions across Europe offering professional seminars tailored to specific fields. By making these options accessible and available, the project hopes to make a tangible impact in the field and prompt continuous life-long learning for VET professionals, especially at the time of dynamic environmental changes and challenges.

Click here to access the e-learning platform or check out the Green Vet Choices website for more information on this initiative and its focus on fostering green VET careers and promoting the importance of environmentally conscious professions.