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We strive to attract and hire talented professionals, who are passionate about meaningful work and driven to make a tangible impact on society.  Our values guide us in all our actions, and we do our utmost to ensure that our people, our most valuable asset, are offered positive work experiences focused on wellbeing, team spirit and appreciation to unlock their full potential. 


We take immense pride in offering our team an inclusive working environment with continuous learning and development opportunities, flexibility and the chance to be involved in meaningful initiatives and actions. 

CARDET’s unwavering commitment and continuous dedication to creating a positive and inclusive workplace was recognised by the Federation of Employers and Industrialists and Cyprus’ Ministry of Labour with the Sound Industrial Relations (SIR 2014) standard in December 2023. Working in strong collaboration with outstanding, like-minded individuals and with the support of mentors and coaches, we ensure that our team members always feel appreciated and can transform their ideals into meaningful action.


Being a great workplace is at the forefront of our strategy, and we immerse ourselves in the effort to offer our team a supportive work atmosphere to enable them to feel happy, engaged and fulfilled in their roles. Our culture is centred around three pillars: Wellbeing, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion and continuous Learning and Development.


CARDET is an equal opportunities employer and an ‘Equality Ally at Work’ organisation, committed to building an inclusive workplace where our people feel respected and can confidently bring their whole selves to work.
We firmly believe that diversity, inclusion and unity are the foundation of our success and define our identity. We thus embrace and celebrate the uniqueness of each individual and take concrete steps to ensure that we offer an inclusive and accessible work environment where everyone feels welcome, respected, and supported, safeguarding that every voice is heard and valued.


Acknowledging that a healthy and balanced work environment leads to enhanced creativity, productivity, and overall satisfaction, the wellbeing of our team members is our top priority. Our workplace strategy is designed to support physical, emotional/mental, social, digital and societal wellbeing. From flexible work arrangements to Positive Leadership, resilience and positive psychology training, from wellness workshops and health activities to events for social connectedness and internal mentoring, we are committed to nurturing the wellbeing and workplace happiness of every individual within our organisation.


As an organization committed to lifelong learning, with education at the forefront and core of our mission and vision, we are devoted to facilitating and supporting the growth of our people. Our team is our most important asset and we are dedicated to nurturing and fostering an environment that empowers them to bring their best selves to work every day.
We thus do our utmost to provide opportunities for personal and career development aimed at unlocking their full potential.