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RURACTIVE Consortium Gathers in Sweden for Second Meeting

RURACTIVE Consortium Gathers in Sweden for Second Meeting

With Rural communities and territories demonstrating a vast potential to become vibrant centres of innovation grounded in local resources, grassroots action, creativity and social inclusion – RURACTIVE project is swiftly working towards providing an efficient framework towards leveraging its highest potential. 

Following the RURACTIVE Consortium meeting and study visit in Gotland, Sweden earlier last week, the partners have has the opportunity to discuss the concrete deliverables to help boost digital innovation, valorisation of local resources and training and help rural areas strive to become attractive places for all people to live, work and stay. In particular, the project members have discussed the innovative approaches for a sustainable and just transition in support of the European Commission’s efforts, as well as the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Following this productive meeting, the RURACTIVE Consortium also had the privilege to visit the Sibbjäns farm. This educational visit served as an important milestone in understanding how sustainable agricultural practices and waste management can help incorporate a circular perspective and bring self-sufficiency in energy, food, and water. By exploring the farm as a case study, many lessons were deduced that will be also shared further through the future updates of the project, including the upcoming release of a dedicated MOOC platform. 

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