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Our Expertise

CARDET has developed an outward, comprehensive and value-based approach that has made it synonymous with purpose-driven actions towards creating a long-term impact.

Benefiting from the multifaceted proficiency and drive of our team, our actions span across various fields with education, digital learning and capacity building at their core. This enables us to forge longstanding partnerships with diverse stakeholders – including public agencies, international networks, CSOs and private corporations – to make tangible contributions to individuals and communities, empowering them to learn and thrive.


Our team is dedicated to designing and implementing evidence-based educational programs and initiatives that promote inclusive and quality education to enhance learning outcomes and empower learners of all ages.


We harness cutting-edge technologies (including AI, XR, metaverse, gamification, IoT) and pedagogical approaches to develop interactive online learning environments that facilitate personalised learning pathways, and foster digital and transversal skills.


We believe that to facilitate healthy and empowered communities, we need to foster individuals’ wellbeing. Our team focuses on promoting mental health awareness, instilling mindful practices and support services through the work of our projects.


We offer capacity-building programs, training, and policy support, to enable individuals and organisations create positive social and environmental impact, driving sustainable development in their communities.


Working together with youth organisations, CSOs, policymakers, and stakeholders, we design and implement youth-led initiatives, capacity-building programmes, and policy advocacy campaigns to foster inclusive societies where young people can thrive.


At CARDET, we thrive on driving innovation, impact, and positive change by bringing on board our team of experts with a broad range of skills equipped to successfully carry out our initiatives and actions from A to Z. With this in mind we generate fresh groundbreaking ideas that correspond to and integrate key trends and emerging developments in the fields of our work. From concept to execution, we ensure that every idea is transformed into impactful intervention with the key focus on the following:


We are proud of our track record in successfully launching, delivering, and implementing impactful projects. From conception to completion, our highly skilled and experienced project managers ensure smooth operations and tangible results for all our endeavours regardless of their complexity.


We excel in designing and conducting comprehensive research and evaluation initiatives across various sectors. We understand the significance of evidence-based decision-making, which is why our dedicated team of experts meticulously crafts and puts into practice research methodologies tailored to the unique needs of each project.


Our expertise in tendering and proposal preparation guarantees successful outcomes in securing the necessary resources for the realisation of impactful initiatives. Our flair in technical writing and bid preparation sets us apart. We formulate and communicate creative and targeted ideas with clarity and precision, enhancing the success potential of our proposals and helping them stand out amongst the others.


Working with key stakeholders locally and internationally, we champion the cause of policy and advocacy for meaningful societal impact. Our team’s deep understanding of the intricate policy landscape allows us to develop well-informed strategic moves to drive forward positive change.


Our skilled development and design team bring their technical expertise and creative eye to develop user-friendly platforms, customised solutions, as well as integrate cutting-edge technologies into our initiatives including AI, XR and big data analytics. Through close cooperation with subject matter experts, they develop tailored solutions and design visual language that meet the unique requirements of the project.


Building strong partnerships and collaborations is a cornerstone of our success. We foster relationships with multiple stakeholders to foster synergy and amplify the positive impact of our initiatives, as well as help to successfully implement a communication strategy that covers all fronts.