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LEADING 2030 Pursues Advancement of Sustainability Goals

LEADING 2030 Pursues Advancement of Sustainability Goals

In a collaborative effort to drive sustainable practices across Europe, LEADING 2030 partners gathered in Tallinn on April 16, for the 3rd Transnational Meeting to assess the project’s trajectory, celebrate accomplishments, and set the stage for future endeavors.

With its overarching aim to accelerate a culture of sustainability and ownership of the SDGs, the initiative has so far largely focused on driving action through upskilling and developing innovative tools and resources to help businesses reframe their practices for long-term sustainability. One such development discussed during the meeting, is the forthcoming release of the LEADING 2030 Practice Principles Framework. The much-awaited Framework will provide stakeholders with a comprehensive roadmap to instill sustainable practices, as well as help address the multitude of surface and deeper levels to sustainability within their organisations.

The Framework will also further complement the recent release of the LEADING 2030 Upskilling Programme, now available through the project’s website. Targeting business consultants and VET professionals, the Upskilling Programme delves deep into the skills, advice and best practices to assist businesses with swift incorporation of SDG principles into their work. This programme will also lay the foundation for the piloting phase of the Upskilling Programme expected between June and July 2024.

During the meeting, the partners have also agreed on moving forward with LEADING 2030 Corporate MOOCs, where nine thematic e-learning courses for business leaders will be developed to further tie in the resources and lessons learnt from the project so far. Tailored to empower business leaders with actionable insights into sustainability practices, this new exciting development will certainly reinforce the project’s overarching mission.

For more information about the project and its updates, as well as free resources, please visit LEADING 2030 WebHub.

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