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Author: Anna Christou

VAM Realities delegation examines XR industrial use cases in Milan, Ital

The VAM Realities project consortium, together with SME representatives from all around Europe, found themselves in the city of Milan, Italy in October, visiting industrial fairs and SMEs developing and working with XR technology.

The delegation started with a visit to AnotheReality, an XR company that develops custom immersive solutions for simulation and training, business, and entertainment. The delegation moved to the premises of the hosts, STIIMA-CNR and held a hybrid round-table with the participation of XR SMEs, including Realmore, 3DQR, and Virtualware. The day concluded with a visit to the Smau Exhibition and a start-up safari at the fair, where participants had the opportunity to interact with local start-ups. Additionally, the VAM Realities delegation visited Moxoff SpA and learned about the XR and AI projects and services currently implemented by the company. Afterwards, the delegation visited the MADE – Competence Center Industry 4.0, a technology centre which supports enterprises in their digital transformation path towards Industry 4.0. The team also visited the BIMU Milan International biennial fair and most important Italian exhibition on metal cutting, metal forming and additive machine tools, robots, digital manufacturing and automation systems. The final day of the trip included a partner meeting for the consortium, as well as an additional visit to the BIMU Trade Fair.

The three-day site visit took place in the context of the VAM Realities SME Coaching Programme, which offers free personalised one-to-one coaching to manufacturing and other SMEs in order for them to integrate VR and AR technology into their processes. You can find more information about the VAM Realities Coaching Programme VAM Realities – VAM Realities XR Coaching Programme (

DigiRUR: Stay rural and successful in the digital era

DigiRUR project aims to encourage youth rural entrepreneurship by providing a complete package of all the theoretical and practical knowledge and skills needed to start a business in rural areas. The main objective with this project is to encourage youth rural entrepreneurship by providing a complete package of all the theoretical and practical knowledge and skills needed to start a business in rural areas.

The goal of the project will achieved by creating accessible ICT based environment for improvement of entrepreneurial knowledge through web-based platform, open educational resources, digital handbook and to equip VET providers servicing rural areas with versatile digital tools.

A new tool for career advisors for the employability of migrant youth in Europe

Labour market integration for migrants and refugees is significant in creating inclusive societies and support for these vulnerable groups.
Our project UpGrad_Me 2.0 works on improving the self-knowledge of young migrants, newcomers, asylum seekers and refugees about employment, and supporting them in identifying their strengths and weaknesses, as well as their skills and competences. It also focuses on providing career guidance migrant youth, as well as improving youth workers’ and career advisors’ capacity to offer career advising to migrant youth.

The UpGrad_Me 2.0 Career Guidance Handbook is a supporting to for career advisors and youth workers who wish to work with young migrants and refugees and support their employability in Europe and local communities.

The career guidance handbook features a compilation of good practices and innovative methodologies to help practitioners working with young Migrants, Newcomers, Asylum seekers and Refugees (MNAR) to utilise gamification techniques to support them in their career orientation and consequently boost their employability and soft skills.

You can access the Career Guidance Handbook through the project’s e-Learning platform, where you will also be able to find the online Escape Rooms that through playing support the understanding of soft skills and competencies and the identification of professional fields that one could pursue employment in.

The e-Learning platform and Career Guidance Handbook are available here e-Learning – UpgradMe



Towards An Inclusive STEAM Programme For ALL

The STEAM4ALL project aims to contribute to the advancement of the field of school and STEAM education, through spreading awareness on the importance of the development of lifelong learning skills to students. The project will motivate students, especially those with fewer opportunities, to be engaged and actively involved in experiential STEAM activities. To achieve its goal, the project will develop an interdisciplinary STEAM program to empower and actively engage students, teachers, school leaders, school staff and school communities to apply STEAM activities, robotics and digital tools to develop important 21st century skills for students

Artistic Reality In School educaTion: enActed, Reflective and Collaborative learning with the HUman orrery Space

Tremendous achievements of human space exploration in the past 50 years have, and continue to, inspire the younger generation into science and to wonder about our Solar System in particular. Astronomy provides a highly motivating context for learners to develop observational skills, discover methods of scientific inquiry, and explore some of the fundamental laws of physics and concepts of mathematics in both an attractive and meaningful way. Teaching astronomy in primary school is always a challenge since primary teachers are often more open to literature or traditional disciplines like history, mathematics, art than to STEM with a practical artistic background. In secondary education, teachers are experts in their own subjects only. The provision of a holistic teaching framework aspires to guide them in implementing meaningful STEAM projects. The ARISTARCHUS project aims at building on the Human Orrery, a 3D kinesthetic model of planetary motion in the inner solar system, to engage young learners in interdisciplinary and inclusive STEAM activities

Senior volunteers for nature conservation

As the EU population is rapidly growing older, with significant impacts at all levels of the society, it is urgent to reflect on this situation and take action focused on the elderly and on the personnel who support the third age sector – helping insuring life quality and sustainability for all sectors of society.

GREY4GREEN aims at contributing to support the elderly by promoting their social inclusion directly through their empowerment, valorization, and their active participation in environmental programs, and indirectly through targeted and general campaigns raising awareness for the third age’s usefulness and valorization, and through the encouragement of active aging policies.

GREY4GREEN will create a training course and intercultural exchanges for both seniors and their educators and other personnel who work in the third-age sector

Digital art therapy for youth with developing or existing mental health conditions

Considering the large numbers of stress and anxiety reports during the corona virus pandemic, people admitted that their mental health was negatively impacted. Adding to this, the limited access to services due to quarantine and unprecedented change of routine led some individuals with feelings of loneliness, depression, harmful alcohol and drug use, and self-harm or suicidal behaviour; symptoms which are expected to rise if we do not take action. ARTY aims to help youth workers, psychologists, social workers and practitioners extend their competencies in using digital art therapy. In order to equip those professionals, partners of the project will develop a guide and a capacity building program on how to implement art therapy sessions for youth with psychological disorders online, along with an awareness Raising Toolkit for CSOs on the impact of COVID-19 to youth with developing or existing mental health conditions.

DIGital competences for engaGING future educators

DIGGING overall objective is to improve the digital competences of future
teachers, and for that the project will develop, in a set of overlapping actions,
the following results:

  • Create a common framework of digital competences for countries in
    the project, including a set of baseline test questionnaires to measure
    the evolution of acquisition of those competences.
  • Create the Technical environment to create the Statistical Analysis
    System of the project Create a service of guidance and training for
    Faculty Professors dealing with digital competences of their students,
    the future primary teachers, and with active methodologies
  • Create a repository of resources co-created by teachers and students
    dealing with digital skills and competences, and selected from the
    results of the baseline tests

ENACTED – Newsletter 7

 We are delighted to share the 7th newsletter of the ENACTED project!

ENACTED project aims to address the gap between supply of migration integration support structures and demand by the migrant community and especially the Newly Arrived Migrant Students (NAMS).

The project aims to create mentor relationships between migration experts and CSO practitioners in the field of migrant integration, and teachers in an easy to use online platform.

You can follow us in our Facebook pagewebsite and elearning platform.

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