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A new tool for career advisors for the employability of migrant youth in Europe

A new tool for career advisors for the employability of migrant youth in Europe

Labour market integration for migrants and refugees is significant in creating inclusive societies and support for these vulnerable groups.
Our project UpGrad_Me 2.0 works on improving the self-knowledge of young migrants, newcomers, asylum seekers and refugees about employment, and supporting them in identifying their strengths and weaknesses, as well as their skills and competences. It also focuses on providing career guidance migrant youth, as well as improving youth workers’ and career advisors’ capacity to offer career advising to migrant youth.

The UpGrad_Me 2.0 Career Guidance Handbook is a supporting to for career advisors and youth workers who wish to work with young migrants and refugees and support their employability in Europe and local communities.

The career guidance handbook features a compilation of good practices and innovative methodologies to help practitioners working with young Migrants, Newcomers, Asylum seekers and Refugees (MNAR) to utilise gamification techniques to support them in their career orientation and consequently boost their employability and soft skills.

You can access the Career Guidance Handbook through the project’s e-Learning platform, where you will also be able to find the online Escape Rooms that through playing support the understanding of soft skills and competencies and the identification of professional fields that one could pursue employment in.

The e-Learning platform and Career Guidance Handbook are available here e-Learning – UpgradMe



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