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Month: June 2024

SDG NAVIGATOR Releases Its Latest Newsletter

SDG NAVIGATOR, aimed at creating unique, learner-centered, and action-oriented learning resources for VET trainers to help excel sustainable, social and eco-entrepreneurship, has just released its latest newsletter packed with exciting project updates. 

In particular, the newsletter celebrates the successful completion of the Sustainability Changemaker Competencies Dictionary (SCCD), as well as the considerable progress made towards Sustainability Navigator Learning Path and Digital Hub & Toolbox that will be soon available on the official website of the project

In addition, the newsletter also highlights the key points raised during the last two transnational partner meetings, including management, quality control, impact assessment, communication strategies and the upcoming pilot phase. To find out more about the chartered course of the project and more information about the free resources developed by the project, please download the newsletter below. 

MILES – MIL and PRE-BUNKING approaches for Critical thinking in the education sector

A strong vulnerability to exposure to disinformation, fake news and risks directly related to the digital world, is significantly aggravated by the difficulty of developing rational critical thinking, especially for young people. Misinformation, cyberbullying, extreme thinking, propaganda, and news distortion are just some of the risk factors that one is exposed to in the digital era. This information overexposure affects transversally all citizens who primarily inform themselves using digital tools.

For educators,  it is also equally as difficult to embed critical teaching approaches into their daily practice, becoming first-hand aware of their own biases, psychological reflexes and mental processes, yet in their professional life it is crucial that they can stimulate critical thinking in their daily lectures, not restricting it to a mere passive transfer of information and concepts.

With this challenge in mind, the MILES project aims to build resilience against disinformation and promote independent and critical thinking in the educational sector. MILES – MIL and PRE-BUNKING approaches for Critical thinking in the education sector aims to develop, test and assess innovative approaches for MIL (Media and Information Literacy), pre-bunking, data and digital literacy in the educational sector, intervening in both ITT (Initial teacher training) and CPD (Continuous Professional Development) for preparing current and future teachers to address the growing complexity of societal challenges posed by the online environment.

Becoming Active Citizens Through Minecraft-enhanced Virtual Tourism

CARDET is excited to announce the launch of a new initiative, MineTOUR aimed at empowering youth from rural areas to become active citizens through Minecraft-enhanced virtual tourism. This initiative comes in response to the observed pattern of young people facing unique challenges in rural areas, including limiting economic opportunities, higher levels of poverty and unemployment, with limited engagement in voluntary activities.

The MineTOUR project aligns with the European Union’s goals to support rural development and preserve cultural heritage, aiming to stimulate growth, create jobs, and foster community development. By integrating the EU’s Agenda for Rural Development, the project combines several key objectives to drive this essential transition.

In particular, the project is set out to encourage young people from rural areas to participate in developing and promoting local tourism, in turn exploring the values of active citizenship and sustainability initiatives through practice. In addition, the project aims to provide educational opportunities and tools to youth to be better equipped for a more effective promotion and engagement with civil societies. By creating opportunities to work for the common goal and together further their skills, the young people in rural areas will also have the opportunity to build stronger social connections and bond with like-minded individuals from Cyprus and abroad leading to a cross-cultural exchange and collaboration. 

To learn more about how you can make a difference with the MineTOUR project visit the official website of the project, and follow the MineTOUR Facebook account to keep up to date with the project’s announcements and developments. 

CARDET Responds to the Call for Pan-European Action to Tackle Digital Divide

As digital innovation advances, the importance of digital literacy and inclusion becomes increasingly critical for both personal and professional life. According to the European Union, more than 90% of jobs in Europe already require basic digital knowledge alongside traditional skills. However, the same research points out that over 30% of Europeans currently still lack basic digital skills, with Cyprus being among the countries that have considerable room for improvement.  

So the obvious question arises: how can we better uphold the standards in Cyprus and across the EU to ensure a continuous and strategic digital transformation that adequately addresses both the current and future needs?

It’s Time to Go ALL DIGITAL

In response to this exceedingly growing need, which lies at the core of the EU’s and Cyprus’s bid to effectively navigate the transformative developments of the digital transition, the ALL DIGITAL Network runs an annual awareness campaign focused on digital skills for inclusion, empowerment and employment. The AD Weeks campaign, utilises a mix of workshops, presentations and info sessions to popularise digital competencies, as well as inform trainers and citizens about the latest developments. The actions also aim to provide access to the latest educational tools and training programs in support of Europeans with insufficient digital proficiency. 

And this year is no exception. Kicking off on the 13th of May, this year’s campaign was successfully managed across Europe by National Coordinators and ran for a total of 3 weeks. Through its actions, it engaged thousands of people to inform and inspire them about the potential of digital technology, with CARDET and Cyprus Computer Society (CCS) leading the promotion of digital literacy in Cyprus. Working across five distinct pillars, the organisations have touched on the multiple blocks towards innovation, economic growth and eradicating digital divide, resulting in a heightened awareness of the digital trajectory. 

The two partners, officially launched the AD Weeks campaign in Cyprus with an engaging and thought-provoking webinar on the latest trends and innovative digital tools educators, trainers and organisations can utilise to promote the digital skills of their learners. The webinar, attended by over  250 participants, also served as an opportunity for CARDET and the CCS to present the scope and objectives of the ALL DIGITAL Weeks, as well as explore how participants can make the most of upcoming events as well as bring their own initiatives into the mix.

Building on the success of the introductory webinar, CARDET also leveraged the extensive expertise and experience of its team organising and delivering multiple info sessions, discussions and training workshops welcoming a diverse set of audience. Said events, delving into and furthering the aims of the campaign, illustrated innovative tools and practical solutions in promoting digital skills across all levels of education – school, adult, higher and vocational education. 

The Centre sought to have a holistic and multidimensional approach to the issue, hosting discussions with stakeholders to explore policy measures and effective strategies in support of digital education and hands-on workshops for educators, trainers and students. Across a span of eight impactful events, CARDET’s team also delved deep into Digital Learning, introducing innovative gamified learning platforms and the power of Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, and immersive simulations to ignite a passion for digital literacy, astronomy, and STEAM.

The campaign has been a truly fulfilling experience for the team’s professionals and trainers, seamlessly bridging the gap between theory and practice. And the numbers speak volumes: over 150 individuals were not only participants but beneficiaries, empowered by the wealth of knowledge and tools imparted through these transformative activities.

What now? 

Building on the success of these initiatives, CARDET remains committed to helping future generations thrive in an increasingly digitised world. Through comprehensive actions, initiatives, and projects, the Centre strives to foster digital skills through targeted educational programs and lifelong learning opportunities – all with an overarching aim of helping Cyprus pave the way for a more inclusive and technologically adept society. Learn more about CARDET’s projects and initiatives here

EduChampions Partners Meet for the Fourth Time in Bursa

The EduChampions project has successfully completed its 4th Transnational Partner Meeting in Bursa, Turkey, marking yet another milestone in the project’s pursuit of nourishing the entrepreneurial mindset and empowering educators to become champions for change. The meeting primarily focused on the recent project outputs that aim to equip teachers to better address diversity of learning preferences and styles through a combination of learner-centered pedagogies and purposefully used educational technologies. 

In particular, the partners discussed the effectiveness of the materials and resources developed so far, as well as offered constructive feedback, before the project finalises and incorporates the results of 8 pilot sessions that brought together over 80 edupreneurs across Europe – all in a bid to deliver high-quality materials readily available for all. In fact, the pilots have been a cornerstone of EduChampion’s strategy, demonstrating practical applications of the Universal Design for Learning principles, as well as allowing the project to simultaneously address specific local needs and particularities. 

Overall, the meeting served as a testament to the collaborative spirit that drives the project, emphasising the importance of teamwork and shared vision in achieving our educational goals and as EduChampions continues to strive for excellence in promoting educational entrepreneurship, we invite you to join in on this empowering initiative. Check out more information about EduChampions project here.  

ICWE – Informal Carers Well-Being EnhancedICWE –

With the growing trends in the ageing population and life expectancy and the flaws and gaps of the long-term care system in Europe, the ICWE project focuses on Informal Carers’ well-being and support for information and practical skills to facilitate their role as caretakers. The ICWE project aims to enhance the well-being of caregivers by providing them with assistance, offering practical tools, and proposing new solutions to balance personal and professional life. Often, the caregiving role involves sacrificing better-paying jobs or access to optimal educational paths. Additionally, the project aims to improve the skills of those working with informal caregivers, such as nurses, doctors, and social workers.

Teamwork2 Shares Its Updates in the Second Newsletter 

Teamwork2, dedicated to addressing workplace sexual harassment, is excited to announce its latest developments to combat this widespread and under-reported gender-based violence across the EU, in its second newsletter. 

As the project partners continue their efforts of stakeholder engagement and awareness raising on combating workplace sexual harassment, a comprehensive package of eLearning modules is now available on the project’s website. The materials target the existing need for capacity building and include the legal frameworks of each country participating, as well as the Guidelines and Seminar Curriculum to further assist coalition building and interagency collaboration across different organisations. 

To learn more about this and other milestones, check out the newsletter below. 

MineTOUR Releases Its Very First Newsletter

With an overarching goal of empowering young individuals from rural areas to become active citizens, the MineTOUR project is excited to report back with exciting milestones achieved over the past few months. Aimed to enhance collaboration between young citizens with CSO organisations, promote local tourism and digitally safeguard cultural heritage, the project has already laid the foundation during its first kick-off meeting in Cyprus and has its first results to share! 

Read more about the MineTOUR project in the newsletters below and keep an eye out for the upcoming implementation of the MineTOUR focus groups across the partner countries soon! 

MineTOUR: Becoming active citizens through Minecraft-enhanced Virtual Tourism

MineTOUR is here to promote active citizenship and engagement of youth with civil society by using digital tools to encourage local tourism in rural areas. Expected results entail increased digital literacy, awareness of local cultural heritage and enhanced soft skills, while ensuring community involvement, sustainable local tourism and increased employability for youth. The project will also establish a network of stakeholders to keep promoting active citizenship and local tourism beyond the project.

Key objectives

• Encourage young individuals from rural areas to participate in developing and promoting local tourism becoming proud active citizens in their own hometowns.
• Equip them with digital tools for effective promotion and engagement with civil societies.
• Provide necessary resources and networks to showcase hometowns and foster local tourism.
• Promote cross-cultural exchange and collaboration among rural youth in Europe.
• Raise awareness of sustainable and socially responsible tourism practices.

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