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SDG NAVIGATOR Releases Its Latest Newsletter

SDG NAVIGATOR Releases Its Latest Newsletter

SDG NAVIGATOR, aimed at creating unique, learner-centered, and action-oriented learning resources for VET trainers to help excel sustainable, social and eco-entrepreneurship, has just released its latest newsletter packed with exciting project updates. 

In particular, the newsletter celebrates the successful completion of the Sustainability Changemaker Competencies Dictionary (SCCD), as well as the considerable progress made towards Sustainability Navigator Learning Path and Digital Hub & Toolbox that will be soon available on the official website of the project

In addition, the newsletter also highlights the key points raised during the last two transnational partner meetings, including management, quality control, impact assessment, communication strategies and the upcoming pilot phase. To find out more about the chartered course of the project and more information about the free resources developed by the project, please download the newsletter below. 

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