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EduChampions Partners Meet for the Fourth Time in Bursa

EduChampions Partners Meet for the Fourth Time in Bursa

The EduChampions project has successfully completed its 4th Transnational Partner Meeting in Bursa, Turkey, marking yet another milestone in the project’s pursuit of nourishing the entrepreneurial mindset and empowering educators to become champions for change. The meeting primarily focused on the recent project outputs that aim to equip teachers to better address diversity of learning preferences and styles through a combination of learner-centered pedagogies and purposefully used educational technologies. 

In particular, the partners discussed the effectiveness of the materials and resources developed so far, as well as offered constructive feedback, before the project finalises and incorporates the results of 8 pilot sessions that brought together over 80 edupreneurs across Europe – all in a bid to deliver high-quality materials readily available for all. In fact, the pilots have been a cornerstone of EduChampion’s strategy, demonstrating practical applications of the Universal Design for Learning principles, as well as allowing the project to simultaneously address specific local needs and particularities. 

Overall, the meeting served as a testament to the collaborative spirit that drives the project, emphasising the importance of teamwork and shared vision in achieving our educational goals and as EduChampions continues to strive for excellence in promoting educational entrepreneurship, we invite you to join in on this empowering initiative. Check out more information about EduChampions project here.  


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Teachers, School leaders, School staff, Parents, Academics, Researchers, Professionals

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VET, Adult education, Professional education