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Month: October 2023

Stars4SD Launches a Methodology for Sustainable Business Administration

Stars4SD is proud to announce the development of a methodology aimed at driving positive change and inspiring responsible business practices. To realize its ambitious objectives, the project has pursued the development of a framework which serves as a comprehensive guide, offering invaluable insights to entrepreneurs into meeting the five selected Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The framework is connected to the Stars4SD self-assessment mechanism and award system, designed to recognize and reward entities actively undertaking measures aligned with these SDGs. Business organizations, chambers of commerce, and business agencies are also encouraged to leverage this methodology to implement the Stars4SD award system within their markets. Furthermore, youth and environmental organizations can utilize the methodology to advocate for sustainable practices and incentivize their adoption.

Key Components of the Stars4SD Methodology:

● Provides an overview of the Stars4SD initiative and the need for a new framework in business administration.
● Defines the perceived needs of youth entrepreneurs regarding sustainability
● Includes the benefits for entrepreneurs resulting from promoting the SDGs in their business
● Describes the relevance of the five SDGs with businesses and explains the award system
● Presents concrete actions to guide the continuous use of the Stars4SD Methodology

By helping other organizations to incorporate the award system and promote the selected SDGs, Stars4SD aims to create a global network of businesses contributing to a more sustainable and equitable future.

The Stars4SD project

Stars4SD is an Erasmus+ project that aims to strengthen youth entrepreneurship and promote youth active citizenship and innovation, by providing support for young entrepreneurs and trainers about the importance of five Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – namely provide quality education to youth entrepreneurs, gender equality, decent work and economic growth, reduced inequalities, and responsible consumption and production – by providing a methodology and guidance on how to meet these SDGs, and also by rewarding young entrepreneurs who take the necessary steps to meet the SDGs.

Find out more about the Stars4SD Methodology here.

Final ECO-CENT Newsletter Alert!

How can we reap the benefits of the circular economy? This and other questions will be answered in the latest newsletter of the ECO-CENT project. Aimed to equip the business community to adopt socially, economically and environmentally sustainable models through provision of targeted training and facilitation local synergies between VET providers and business representatives, the project is now announcing all of the toolkits and materials that were just released on the project’s website. Hurry up and find out more in the newsletter below!

Developing capacities together: European CSO-university networks for global learning on migration, security and sustainable development in an interdependent world

InterCap – “Developing capacities together: European CSO-university networks for global learning on migration, security and sustainable development in an interdependent world”

Executive Summary – Overview
InterCap put forward a multifaceted intervention to elevate the understanding of EU citizens in the increasingly important issues of migration and sustainable development. By bringing together a pan-European network of Civil Society Organisations and Universities, the project developed a comprehensive set of resources and innovative methodologies to build up educators’ capacity to promote global education and interconnectedness in their classrooms and beyond.

Background – General
In light of the growing insecurity and concerns on migration and sustainable development, InterCap invested its efforts in engaging educators and foster their capacity to act as agents of positive change and action in collectively addressing the challenges of an interdependent world. Operating on the basis of a structured action plan, that entailed a multifaceted intervention in the field, the project sought to enhance the critical understanding of education actors on the issues of migration and sustainable development. 

InterCap carried out a comprehensive analysis of the way Education for Sustainable Development is being approached and delivered across the EU. Most importantly, it produced a structured Training Package, suitable for both f2f and online delivery, to elevate the knowledge and skills of teachers and trainers on topics related to migration and sustainable development. Its training package put forward a theoretical presentation of the issues at hand and provided learners with structured guidance on how to integrate innovative and engaging methodologies in their teaching to promote a participatory and interactive learning experience. The training programme afforded learners a comprehensive walkthrough on the implementation of innovative teaching methodologies such as Participatory Theater – Theater for Living, Interactive Learning Communities and Communities of Philosophical Enquiry. 

As the Project Coordinator of the project, CARDET was tasked with the general oversight and quality assurance of InterCap, supporting and coordinating the Consortium in expertly delivering all its tasks and actions. The Centre also played an instrumental role in compilation of the Research and Policy papers of the project as well as in the development and delivery of its Training Package in both online and face to face format.

Results – Impact
The project and its implementing partners were successful in initiating a European Community of Practice that facilitated the collaboration and the pursuit of joint actions with the involvement of Universities, CSOs and European Networks in the field of Development and Global Education. With the support of the aforementioned parties, InterCap compiled and published a series of National and Transnational Reports as well as Policy Papers to contribute to a greater conception of the present realities on the ground and facilitate the promotion of Global Education. 

Additionally, more than twenty thousand professionals and practitioners accessed and benefited from the project’s Training package either by accessing it online or by participating in the workshops organized and delivered by the implementing partners.  The project was also overwhelmingly successful in engaging the general public to raise awareness about the importance of quality development education having been able to reach, through its dissemination and digital promotion actions, more than 2 million individuals across Europe.

Providing Sustainable Business Practises Through the Leading 2030 Project

In a bid to promote and contribute to the implementation of more sustainable practices, LEADING 2030 is here to support post-pandemic business dynamics and daily activities. 

Having as a main goal to accelerate a culture of sustainability and ownership of the SDGs and create a holistic and practical background the project aims to upskill business consultants, continuing vocational education and training (CVET) professionals, and leaders to mainstream sustainability across sectors. In the following months LEADING 2030 partners will develop innovative and accessible didactic resources to empower professionals. It will also provide vocational education and training (VET) and businesses with practical tools. Additionally, the project will enhance cooperation at local, regional, national, and European levels by involving partners, experts, and key stakeholders.

Find out more about the project’s updates in the recent e-brief, available in Greek.

6 More Reasons to Thank Our Teachers Today

It’s true what they say – not all superheroes wear capes!

As we come to celebrate the Teachers Day on the 5th of October, no words seem enough to describe the enormous dedication, effort and love that the teachers pour into their job day in and day out. They truly make all the difference in the world of their students…and have a lasting impact on all of us!

With their unwavering commitment and relentless support they walk us through our first mishaps of life, just with as much grace as they cover the curriculum. We consider ourselves lucky. Not only have we been taught by amazing teachers out there, but we also get to work with many of them to empower the community, students, mentors, and society and create a world that’s more just and sustainable.

Today, we cannot help but feel grateful for the small and big miracles they perform every day! So if you are a teacher, our heartfelt ‘thank you’ goes out to you:

For making your Sunday the rest day…

…the rest of the laundry, the rest of the housework, and ‘grade the rest of the papers’ day.

Thank you for waiting till summer for a much deserved break and holding down the fort even on the days that have been difficult to you. We appreciate you and the mental strength you show in doing so.

In our attempt to acknowledge and support your endless efforts of balancing the personal and professional life – we want to make you a priority! As part of the ProW project, we are just about to launch the Teacher Wellbeing and Career Observatory, to help support your wellbeing, as well as career growth and quality of education. We hope that it will generate a systematic change and we want you to be a part of it too!

For saying ‘There are no dumb questions’…

…and then proceeding to explain ‘What are those pyramid-shaped things in Egypt called?’

Thank you for continuously looking for ways to rediscover the world around us, and looking for yet another new way to ignite the spark of curiosity to help us become the very best we can be. Even if that means never taking a break from learning yourself and adjusting to the educational and societal shifts at all times.

At CARDET, we witness the behind-the-scenes daily work you do daily to carry on learning and it is thanks to your immense support that we’ve built an incredible educator community at the Cyprus Education Summit. Thank you for learning and growing with us to help bring the best of the practices to the classrooms around the island. We cannot wait to reconvene for the ‘Student Assessment as an Integral Part of the Educational Practice’ in the Cyprus Education Summit 2023 on 9 December 2023!

For showing us the bigger picture…

…even though math is not really ‘everywhere’.

Whilst we still prefer the type of π that comes with apples and the square root of 9 hasn’t come up just yet, thank you for going out of your way to show us that nothing exists in isolation and it all matters.

Only now do we come to understand the incredible effort and intention that it takes, as we salute our STEAM4All educators who have been on a mission to find even more creative ways to make interdisciplinary learning available for all.

For teaching us how to reach for the stars…

…or at the very least helping us see them as close as possible with the ARISTARCHUS project and the power of VR.

Thank you for not making any dream too big and always looking for a way to make everything seem possible. Thank you for bringing the most innovative solutions to the classroom, after spending hours on training how to implement them first. Thank you for staying ahead of the curve and always raising the bar in education and practices.

For teaching us life saving skills…

…of ordering a coffee in almost any corner of the world.

Thank you for reminding us that the world is our oyster and anything is possible, including learning a new language to travel the world, connecting with people from other cultures and even taking that job offer that’s a 5 hour flight from our home. Thank you for preparing us for all of it and for trying to make it as fun as possible. Through the work we’ve done together on the BoysLingo’s app, we hope it will be even more feasible for you to keep up this great work!

Last but not least, for calling us ‘one of your kids’…

…even when we have kids of our own.

Thank you for caring about our wellbeing, growth, development and creating an environment where we feel safe and secure to roam around and make our first mistakes. During the implementation of the Positive Behaviour Support in Early Childhood Education and Care project, we were shaken by the immense dedication to making any school our second home, and not just a place of formal education.

While no ‘Thank you’ note will ever feel like enough, we ought to start somewhere. Happy Teachers Day our lovely educators and mentors! Thank you for all the love you’ve poured and continue pouring into us.

Launching PR.I.M.E to Promote Inclusive Mobility

In the ever-evolving landscape of education and international exchange, the PR.I.M.E. project, officially launched on October 1, 2023, marks a significant milestone in the quest for inclusivity and accessibility. The acronym PR.I.M.E., which stands for “PRomoting Inclusive Mobility Experiences,” and encompasses a collaborative initiative set to run until March 31, 2026, led by a consortium of seven organizations hailing from diverse corners of Europe.

Comprising this dynamic consortium are Kara Bobowski from Italy, JDC from Lithuania, PSONI from Poland, ESTIA from Athens, VisMedNet from Malta, Cap Ulysse from France, and CARDET from Cyprus. Each organization brings unique expertise and perspectives to the table, creating a potent synergy for the PR.I.M.E. project.

At its core, PR.I.M.E. emerges from a shared desire to make Erasmus+ programs more accessible and inclusive. The project’s overarching goal is to foster innovation and internationalization within partner organizations by enhancing the skill sets of their staff members. By creating specific and innovative tools and resources, PR.I.M.E. aims to equip these professionals with the expertise needed to effectively manage high-quality mobility projects. Notably, these projects will involve participants with intellectual disabilities (PWID) in various sectors, including Vocational Education and Training (VET), Adult Education (ADU), and the Youth sector.

With this in mind, the project is also set to promote greater participation of people with respiratory disorders in Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps (ESC) mobilities. By creating a supportive framework and providing the necessary resources, PR.I.M.E. seeks to break down barriers and create opportunities for individuals who have traditionally faced challenges in accessing international educational experiences.

PR.I.M.E. is more than just a project; it’s a commitment to change. Over the course of its implementation, it will not only enrich the lives of PWID but also empower organizations and educators to embrace inclusivity as a fundamental value. As the project takes off, it is ready to redefine what it means to be inclusive in the sector of international education, opening doors that were previously closed and setting new standards for accessibility and equality. Stay tuned for updates as PR.I.M.E. embarks on its transformative journey towards a more inclusive future.