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Month: July 2023

SwitchOff Project is ON – First Newsletter in Your Post Box is Here

We are happy to announce the kick start of the SwitchOff project that supports managers and VET trainers in acquiring the appropriate competencies and knowledge to help remote employees establish a better work-life balance and prevent burnout.

The project targets a wide spectrum of worker’s needs including emotional, cognitive, physical to help employees disconnect from work at the end of their working day with the help of digital solutions, recommended policies and an e-learning platform dedicated to all the tips and tricks. Check out the Switch Off newsletter to find out more.

RETAIN-ME PROJECT: A Webinar on Inclusive Remote Working

In its bid to promote solutions and approaches that ensure that workers, of all ages, have access to the support and guidance to make the best of remote working and remain financially and socially active, the RETAIN-ME project hosted an immensely interesting and relevant webinar in the field. The webinar, featuring international speakers, brought to the fore the findings and experiences that the project partners have drawn from their national contexts and built on the work the Consortium to aid older workers embrace the digital transition of the labour market.

The successful event, that hosted more than 35 participants, served as an opportunity to showcase the scope, work and actions of the project. Furthermore, the members of the consortium delivered inspirational presentations on the following topics:

  • Supporting older workers through remote working (Dagmara Dabek – Skillzone)
  • Adapting my management style to remote working (Elena Xeni – CARDET)
  • Relevance of the project to address the training needs of my employees/clients (Sara Keegan SRC)
  • Suitability of the project results to supporting employees in my company (Sara Keegan – SRC)
  • Motivating remote teams throughout the pandemic (Dagmara Dabek – Skillzone)

You can watch the whole webinar below.

RETAIN-ME is an Erasmus+ project that is implemented by a Consortium comprised of partners from 7 EU countries (including CARDET from Cyprus) and aims to develop bespoke training resources to ensure that vulnerable workers can be retained in employment. As part of this process, two toolkits are being currently developed and are to be distributed through the project’s e-learning platform; one will target employers, and the other employees to help with the remote work process.

Find more information on RETAIN-ME on the project’s website:

The FMID Project: Celebrating a Journey of Creation and Inclusion

We are excited to share that the final screening of the Film Making for Inclusion and Development (FMID) project recently took place in Parchim, Germany, marking the completion of a remarkable journey that married together the concepts of creativity and empowerment. Led  by the Jugendförderverein Parchim/Lübz e. V. (JFV) organization, the project brought together aspiring filmmakers from Germany, Ireland, Poland, Portugal, Spain, and Cyprus, with the goal of fostering social inclusion through the art of filmmaking. 

The two-year journey of the consortium culminated with a final event – a gathering that brought together the project team, aspiring filmmakers and guests at the international leisure and educational center “lütt pütt” of the Jugendförderverein. The event served as a unique opportunity for all to become fully immersed in the impressive creations participants developed, as part of the project, using nothing but their smartphones and free software. Harnessing the tools available online and their creativity, they crafted inspiring films that touched upon themes of social inclusion and personal stories to celebrate their remarkable progress throughout the last couple of years.

The filmmaking information booths were also set up at the event for attendees to familiarize themselves with different areas of film-making, including film shooting and editing, sound recording, storytelling, reels and online self-expression. Attendees had the opportunity to explore these areas of expertise and learn more about how they can become narrators of their visual story from the industry professionals and project participants.

About FMID Project

The FMID project, supported by CARDET, was initiated in November 2021, and throughout its course it aimed to equip young people with the tools and resources needed to express themselves through filmmaking. Under the premise that digital storytelling is a crucial element to inclusion and diversity on and off screen, the project held a number of training sessions led by youth workers and educators to foster digital and media skills, created an e-learning portal, further supporting the participants’ growth and facilitating their creative journey, as well as organized a number of local film festivals and a masterclass in Madrid.

As the project draws to a close, the video-making resources developed during FMID will remain freely available here, ensuring that young people have the tools and means to express themselves creatively and continue to contribute to a more inclusive society.


GreenYOU is an innovative project with a wide focus on promoting climate action and enhancing the employability of young people during the green transition. The project aims to develop Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) that will encourage and equip young individuals with the necessary skills and competencies to actively participate in addressing climate-related challenges. These MOOCs will cover various topics related to climate action and serve as accessible learning resources. This will also include GreenYOU augmented reality technology and digital escape rooms and animation videos. 

In addition, GreenYOU will design a Green Curriculum specifically tailored for youth workers. This curriculum will focus on building their capacity to effectively mentor and guide young people in developing green skills and key competences. By empowering youth workers, the project aims to create a strong support network that can guide and inspire young individuals in their journey towards a sustainable future. 

ProW Newsletter: Get Updates on the Final Conference and More

In a significant stride towards promoting the well-being of teachers in early childhood education, our project has successfully concluded its field trials in Cyprus. The completion of this transformative initiative signifies a pivotal step towards enhancing the overall quality of education and support provided to educators.

With meticulous planning and collaboration with educational institutions, the “Promoting Teachers Wellbeing Through Positive Behaviour Support in Early Childhood Education” project embarked on a two-year journey to explore and evaluate the effectiveness of PBS interventions in real-world early childhood education settings.

The successful completion of the field trials has generated widespread excitement and anticipation within the education community and as the “Promoting Teachers Wellbeing through Positive Behaviour Support in Early Childhood Education” project progresses, stakeholders remain committed to further refining and disseminating the knowledge and tools generated.

By prioritizing the well-being of teachers and adopting supportive practices, the project envisions a future where early childhood education environments are nurturing, inclusive, and empowering for both educators and young learners.

To celebrate the achievement, an open-day conference was held on the 27th of May at the University of Nicosia where all interested parties joined together to discuss the impact of the project and future steps.

GreenYOU Project Successfully Kicks-off

GreenYOU project successfully held its inaugural meeting in the vibrant city of Nicosia, Cyprus. The meeting brought together esteemed project partners from Lithuania, Ireland, Cyprus, France, Greece and Poland to discuss key aspects of the project and lay the foundation for an impactful project ahead.

The event, held on 20-21 of June, served as a platform for extensive deliberations on crucial project components. Participants engaged in dynamic discussions centered around project management, quality assessment, comprehensive work packages review, and the strategic dissemination of project outcomes.

The project management session fostered a collaborative atmosphere where partners synergized their efforts to establish a clear roadmap for success. Aligning project goals, timelines, and resource allocation formed the basis for efficient project execution and seamless coordination among team members.

The meeting dedicated substantial time to the rigorous review of project quality. The emphasis on quality reaffirmed the commitment to delivering impactful results. Also, review of work packages was a pivotal aspect of the meeting as the next steps to follow.

In recognition of the importance of sharing project outcomes, a strategic dissemination strategy was meticulously crafted. Partners explored diverse avenues, including social media campaigns, participation in conferences, and publication opportunities, to maximize the project’s visibility and make a lasting impact within the field.

About GreenYOU Project:

The GreenYOU project aims to support the green transition and combat climate change by developing green skills and digital competences among young people. It focuses on building the capacity of youth workers to use Mobile Augmented Reality (AR) technology to teach young people about climate change and youth unemployment. Through the development of innovative resources, such as a MOOC for climate action, a GreenYOU Curriculum, Digital Escape Rooms, and animation videos, the project aims to increase awareness, enhance skills, and promote sustainable behaviours among young people. By directly involving youth workers and young people with fewer opportunities, the project strives to empower them to become agents of change in the green economy and contribute to a sustainable and climate-neutral society.

FMID June Newsletter is Here!

The Film Making for Inclusion and Development project has just released its latest newsletter covering the developments of the project up to date, including the summary of the final conference and project meeting in Perchim.

Check it out and learn more about the resources and tools that are now available for free, in multiple languages, through the project’s elearning platform to elevate the video-making skills and by extension the employability and development of young people.

Green Vet Choices

The Green VET Choices project wants to raise awareness for urgent environmental challenges and, at the same time, foster interest in green VET careers.

There are many innovative green professions and VET offers related to environmental issues; however, the awareness of these possible and attractive career paths needs to be raised among current and potential VET learners in order to satisfy the labour market and societal demand for these specific professionals in the future.

Through an innovative learning and teaching approach combining environmental topics and green VET, the project fosters excitement and a sense of participation and thus enables important contributions to a more powerful fight against climate change.

The project will concentrate on increasing competencies necessary for these professions such as green and digital skills and will also offer a career guidance system as a comprehensive overview of possibilities and options in green VET.

The project will achieve its goals through:

  • Creating an innovative learning methodology by combining proven didactic approaches
  • Creating low-threshold, easy-to-access, non-formal learning opportunities
  • Increasing the interest in green VET professions
  • Raising environmental consciousness
  • Empowering learners through their personal choices
  • Increasing the disposition for environmentally friendly lifestyles

The Green VET Choices project promotes these aims and accelerates the awareness of the green sector among current and future VET learners. The methodology applied and results produced in the project will be Open Educational Resources (OER) that can be utilised by VET professionals across Europe and benefit current and potential VET learners as they are made aware of new and interesting green career options and can educate themselves on greener choices in their professions and future careers.