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GreenYOU Project Successfully Kicks-off

GreenYOU Project Successfully Kicks-off

GreenYOU project successfully held its inaugural meeting in the vibrant city of Nicosia, Cyprus. The meeting brought together esteemed project partners from Lithuania, Ireland, Cyprus, France, Greece and Poland to discuss key aspects of the project and lay the foundation for an impactful project ahead.

The event, held on 20-21 of June, served as a platform for extensive deliberations on crucial project components. Participants engaged in dynamic discussions centered around project management, quality assessment, comprehensive work packages review, and the strategic dissemination of project outcomes.

The project management session fostered a collaborative atmosphere where partners synergized their efforts to establish a clear roadmap for success. Aligning project goals, timelines, and resource allocation formed the basis for efficient project execution and seamless coordination among team members.

The meeting dedicated substantial time to the rigorous review of project quality. The emphasis on quality reaffirmed the commitment to delivering impactful results. Also, review of work packages was a pivotal aspect of the meeting as the next steps to follow.

In recognition of the importance of sharing project outcomes, a strategic dissemination strategy was meticulously crafted. Partners explored diverse avenues, including social media campaigns, participation in conferences, and publication opportunities, to maximize the project’s visibility and make a lasting impact within the field.

About GreenYOU Project:

The GreenYOU project aims to support the green transition and combat climate change by developing green skills and digital competences among young people. It focuses on building the capacity of youth workers to use Mobile Augmented Reality (AR) technology to teach young people about climate change and youth unemployment. Through the development of innovative resources, such as a MOOC for climate action, a GreenYOU Curriculum, Digital Escape Rooms, and animation videos, the project aims to increase awareness, enhance skills, and promote sustainable behaviours among young people. By directly involving youth workers and young people with fewer opportunities, the project strives to empower them to become agents of change in the green economy and contribute to a sustainable and climate-neutral society.

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Target Groups

Youth, Adults, Adult educators

Education Level

Kindergarten, Primary education, K12, Higher education, VET, Professional education