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Health Communication Training for Health Professionals

Health Communication Training for Health Professionals

Patient-doctor communication is an integral part of clinical practice, as it comprises the building block upon which the physician’s relationship with the patient is based on (Nelson, 2008). In fact, the way in which a doctor communicates information to a patient is equally important as the actual information being communicated. Nonetheless, it appears that vocational training opportunities on health communication are limited. Communication skills often remain poorly developed among health professionals. HCOM aims to bridge the gaps identified in the provision and training in communication skills for health care professionals across Europe. Its main objective is to map the shortage of relevant training, explore the needs and perceptions of health professionals concerning communication and develop a training programme on health communication. The long term goal of HCOM is to ultimately improve the patient-doctor relationship and health outcomes among patients across the EU.

The H-Com project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union [2015-1-PLO1-KA202-016986]

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Adult education, Professional education