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Green League – Sport Alliance for the Environment

Green League – Sport Alliance for the Environment

 The EU places sport among the top issues of its policy agenda recognising it as an important instrument to increase wellbeing and overcome societal barriers. For instance in the positive impact on health, but also indirectly as an instrument which can contribute to other priority issues such as social inclusion, gender equality, economic growth, and not least the current climate crisis.

The project aim is to enhance the link between sport and the environment through experiential learning, promoting outdoor physical activity as a tool to support environmental awareness, and encouraging sustainable practices in sport.

During the life cycle of the project, one of the goals is to build the capacity of sport professionals at EU level to promote outdoor physical activity as a tool to educate people on environmental matters by involving them in the collaborative development of the Green League Model. Additionally, local sport events inspired by Nature’s Four elements, will be designed and delivered, to actively engage sport clubs, young sport players, and amateur athletes by setting up local Green Leagues combining sport tournaments and environmental action.

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Target Groups

Teachers, School staff, Parents, Professionals, Youth, Adults, Policy makers, Trainers, Adult educators

Education Level

Teacher education, Adult education, Professional education