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Stars4SD Unveils an Award System for Sustainable Business Practices

Stars4SD Unveils an Award System for Sustainable Business Practices

Stars4SD, a leading initiative dedicated to promoting sustainable business practices, has created a self-assessment and award system to propel businesses and organizations towards achieving their sustainability goals. The Stars4SD Award system offers comprehensive indicators for the evaluation and cultivation of a sustainability culture within a company or organization. This initiative empowers network members to engage in a self-assessment questionnaire, scrutinizing their business practices against predefined criteria. Upon completion of the self-assessment, participants or companies are rewarded with stars, reflecting the points accumulated during the evaluation. The awarded stars correspond to specific levels within a structured framework of five levels in total. The Stars4SD self-assessment tool is accessible in multiple languages, including English, Greek, French, German, and Italian, and is provided free of charge. Companies can still register to the Stars4SD network, fill in a form with their details and contact information, and use our self-assessment tool.

Star4SD Awards

The Stars4SD Awards were a recognition for applicants who integrate sustainability principles into their business activities, operations, and practices. The award winners from Austria, Brussels, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, and Ireland have already been announced and were given the opportunity to present their own successful sustainability story. The Stars4SD Awards in each partner country were more like a celebration of businesses and organizations that embrace sustainability as a core value. In the Stars4SD project we believe that by acknowledging and promoting their efforts, we inspire a global movement towards a more sustainable and responsible future. Therefore, we still encourage businesses and organizations across Europe to embrace the challenge, undertake the self-assessment in our network, and share their stories, signalling their dedication to making a positive impact on the world.
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