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Green VET Choices Unveils Its Interactive Learning Platform

Green VET Choices Unveils Its Interactive Learning Platform

In a bid to address environmental challenges and climate change, Green Vet Choices project has now officially unveiled its latest educational materials and e-learning platform to promote Green Vocational Education and Training (VET) careers.

The platform offers a gamified approach, presenting users with three paths (positive, neutral, negative) on over 24 hypothetical narratives to equip VET trainers with the necessary skills and critical thinking to promote green professions and understanding complex environmental challenges. At the conclusion of each narrative, the outcome is revealed, with the positive paths earning a badge for an added element of gamification and progress tracking.

Another unique feature of the Green Vet Choices’ platform is its career guidance system, which directs users to green VET institutions across Europe offering professional seminars tailored to specific fields. By making these options accessible and available, the project hopes to make a tangible impact in the field and prompt continuous life-long learning for VET professionals, especially at the time of dynamic environmental changes and challenges.

Click here to access the e-learning platform or check out the Green Vet Choices website for more information on this initiative and its focus on fostering green VET careers and promoting the importance of environmentally conscious professions.

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