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Green League: Introducing the Green League Model

Green League: Introducing the Green League Model

The Green League – Sport Alliance for the Environment is a project aimed at enhancing the connection between sports and the environment through experiential learning, promoting outdoor physical activity as a tool to support environmental awareness and encourage sustainable practices in sports.

It addresses the need to encourage the audience to take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts, as well to promote healthy living and well-being for all, thus using sports as a tool to create environmental awareness, while also contributing to a healthier lifestyle.

The handbook was created following a workshop involving 6 sports professionals from 5 European countries. The Green League model includes theoretical and methodological approaches to combine sports activities with environmental education through experiential learning. Specifically, the Green League model includes:

  • Guidelines, criteria, and activity samples that combine environmental education, experiential learning, and sports, as well as environmentally sustainable design and implementation of sports events.
  • Insights derived from the analysis of good practices for sports and environmental protection from the workshop with sports professionals.
  • Methodology based on the development of sports events inspired by the four elements of nature and sports tournaments combined with environmental actions.
  • The proposal for an innovative hybrid scoring system that takes into account both environmental and sports achievements.

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