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Green League: Eight Events in Cyprus – Four Elements of Nature through

Green League: Eight Events in Cyprus – Four Elements of Nature through

The eight events took place from July 2023 to January 2024 for the Green League project. Each sports event focuses on a different sport and corresponds to one of the four elements of nature.

Beach Soccer – Water

Canoe/Kayak – Water

Yoga – Earth

Cycling – Earth

Running – Fire

Hiking – Fire

Qigong – Air

Pilates – Air

The success of these sports events is the methodology used for their planning and execution. Each event was conducted sustainably and promoted intergenerational dialogue among participants.

The events follow the principles of experiential learning, utilizing nature both as a backdrop and as a teacher. Participants took part in events inspired by the Four Elements of Nature, which provided an opportunity for everyone to engage in outdoor sports while also reflecting individually and in groups on the complex relationship between the environment and sports.

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