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EcoSTEAM Study Visit to Promote Environmental Consciousness in Education

EcoSTEAM Study Visit to Promote Environmental Consciousness in Education

The EcoSTEAM project proudly announces the successful completion of an immersive study visit at Istanbul University-Cerrahpaşa’s Büyükçekmece Campus taking place between 27th and 32st of May. This event, focused on integrating environmental education with STEAM, brought together teachers and students from Lithuania, Cyprus, North Macedonia, and Turkey and provided an invaluable opportunity for attendees to contribute to and understand the importance of environmental awareness in secondary education, as well as to test the latest teaching and learning materials developed under this ambitious initiative.

Representing Cyprus, two STEAM educators and three students from Lighthouse Private School in Limassol took part in this insightful visit. The five-day program offered a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application through interactive workshops, fieldwork, science experiments, design thinking sessions, and environmental advocacy role-plays. Key themes included Environmental Awareness and Conservation, Creative and Critical Thinking in EcoSTEAM Education, Collaboration and Communication in EcoSTEAM Projects, and Global and Local Perspectives in Environmental Education.

Students engaged actively in discussions, group projects, and critical thinking exercises to tackle environmental challenges. In addition, this occasion provided a great platform for cultural exchange, improving their language skills, cultural awareness, and understanding of environmental issues in the context of global citizenship. Meanwhile, teachers served as facilitators and participants, providing valuable feedback on the lesson plans proposed by the EcoSTEAM initiative. Their insights will enhance the upcoming adaptation and local implementation of these materials in partner countries.

The EcoSTEAM study visit exemplifies a progressive approach to embedding environmental consciousness in education, empowering the next generation to address global environmental challenges through innovative, hands-on pedagogical practices. The event also provided exceptional professional development in environmental education and non-formal teaching methods, offering new perspectives on STEAM education for both students and teachers. It also fostered a network of educators committed to EcoSTEAM education, paving the way for long-term partnerships and collaboration.

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