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Digital Youth focus groups with youth workers

Digital Youth focus groups with youth workers

The Digital Youth project partners have conducted focus group interviews with youth workers and youth trainers in Cyprus, Greece, Ireland, and Spain. The focus groups took place in May and June 2022 and aimed to map the gaps and needs in the field of youth in relation to digital youth work, in terms of their knowledge, skills, and competences.

In particular, the focus groups aim to:

  1. Assess the current state of digital skills knowledge in youth workers
  2. Identify gaps in digital skills and competencies of youth workers
  3. Identify what youth workers need in digital skills
  4. Identify digital devices and apps/software youth workers use daily.

The focus groups have gathered very valuable information from the target group of the project, which will be furtherly analysed and will lead to the creation of the Digital Youth Training Package. The package will include an Interactive Handbook for youth workers and online learning modules, as well as other useful resources for youth workers and youth trainers.

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Target Groups

9, 13, 16

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