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Cyprus Education Summit 2022: Investing in teachers’ professional learning and wellbeing

Cyprus Education Summit 2022: Investing in teachers’ professional learning and wellbeing

These key messages, as well as the existing challenges and perspectives for the Professional Learning of teachers in the Cypriot education system, were the focus of the Cyprus Education Summit 2022, which took place at the University of Nicosia. The conference was organised by the Pedagogical Institute of the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth, CARDET and the Cyprus Institute of Development, with the participation of experts, academics and researchers in the field of education, as well as teachers.

As stressed by the speakers of the conference, it is extremely important to devote more time, through structured programmes focusing on existing needs, within the school for the effective training of teachers. The conference also highlighted the importance and benefits of interaction between teachers and their active engagement in the dialogue to shape approaches and programmes for their training and support.

At the same time, it became clear that the mental resilience and well-being of teachers should be a key dimension of the School Improvement Plan and the educational system in general, so that teachers are able to effectively manage the challenges of the profession and can respond more effectively to their role. This also requires multidimensional actions and systemic approaches involving teachers, parents and children. Indeed, a central objective should also be to expand the role of schools, which should not only function as places that only provide knowledge, but as institutions that nurture and strengthen the character of children, promoting the well-being of themselves and their teachers. 

The Conference also provided practical tools and educational material that teachers can implement themselves to enhance both their own well-being and the mental resilience and well-being of their students from programmes such as Resilient Preschools, ProW, SWPBS and the School of Happiness.

The Cyprus Education Summit, held annually, aims to explore key aspects of education and training and to highlight important actions and initiatives in the field. To this end, through the proceedings of the conference, the exchange of knowledge, views and experiences between experts, researchers and professionals from the field of education are promoted.