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CARDET wins gold at Cyprus HR Awards

CARDET wins gold at Cyprus HR Awards

In an impressive award ceremony organised by BOUSSIAS Cyprus, CARDET, alongside other businesses and organisations, received an important recognition for its efforts and work on building a workplace culture and environment based on respect, personal development and mutual support.

The award was received by CARDET’s Executive Director, Dr Charalambos Vrasidas, who shared with the audience the organisation’s HR vision and expressed its commitment to fostering a positive and productive workplace. He said: “Workplace well-being is a key pillar in our corporate strategy, with a focus on actions and initiatives for the personal development of our people.

A key aspect of our effort is the interpersonal relationships and the promotion of discussion with our employees, which allowed us to operate in a way that meets the needs of our team.

This has been a team effort, at a time when we had to face special circumstances due to the pandemic, to which all our team members contributed, and I thank them warmly. It is certainly an area that we will continue to invest in as we see our staff as the foundation of CARDET’s success and growth.”

CARDET has a dedicated HR Department, led by HR Manager Kiki Kallis, as well as its very own Chief Happiness Officer, Vicky Charalambous. The continuous effort of the HR Department has been tremendous and key to keeping an open communication with staff and ensuring employee feedback reached the organisation’s Leadership. Additionally, the Department has been responsible for several team building activities, trainings and workshops focusing on employee well-being and productivity.

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