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CARDET supports ETF partnership of Entrepreneurial Centres of Excellence

CARDET supports ETF partnership of Entrepreneurial Centres of Excellence

In 2020, the European Training Foundation (ETF) established a network of Centres of Vocational Excellence (CoVEs). CoVEs are educational institutions and/or organisations, which meet given criteria, local or national, in innovation and quality in how they operate, offer services, and respond to labour market skills demands.

CARDET, contracted by the ETF, is the facilitator of an initiative that will support the establishment and facilitation of a Partnership in the area of Entrepreneurial Centres of Vocational Excellence (Entrepreneurial CoVEs), promoting entrepreneurship excellence as a key competence for lifelong learning.

Bringing together CoVEs and experts from across the region, the partnership seeks to put forward a joint vision and conceptual framework of what it means to be an entrepreneurial vocational training centre. It will also aid in the effective collaboration between the ETF and the participating organisations. 

The partnership consists of the LEPL College Modus (Georgia), ESITH – Ecole Supérieure des Industries du Textile et de l’Habillement (Morocco), Centre de Formation et d’Apprentissage de Bizerte ” CFA Bizerte “   (Tunisia), PI Centre of Excellence in Economy and Finance (Moldova), Balgat MTAL VET Secondary High School (Turkey), Acıgöl Technical Sciences Vocational School  (Turkey), CIFP Politecnico de Santiago (Spain) and IES ARCA REAL (Spain).

The Partnership has been inspired by “EntreComp” EntreComp: The entrepreneurship competence framework | EU Science Hub (, the European Union framework to promote entrepreneurship as a key competence for life-long learning across societies and economies. The new concept will contribute to the international debate in the entrepreneurial learning community and aims at empowering training centres to better responding to the changing needs of citizens, economies, and societies. 

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