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SWPBS Recognised by the European Commission and in Academia

SWPBS Recognised by the European Commission and in Academia

CARDET is delighted to celebrate the remarkable impact and commendation of its SWPBS project, aimed to promote inclusive, non-discriminatory social culture and necessary socio-emotional behaviour support for children, even over a year after its successful completion.

The Centre is proud to announce that the “Building School-Wide Inclusive, Positive and Equitable Learning Environments Through A Systems-Change Approach” (SWPBS) initiative has received a prestigious acknowledgement as a good practice in the European Toolkit for Schools. The work and approaches put forward by the project are now placed among a comprehensive list of tested and effective ideas and interventions for improving collaboration within, between, and beyond schools across the European Union.

With SWPBS showcased as a good practice, the legacy of the project will continue to support and inspire school leaders, teachers, parents, and policymakers in enhancing the quality of early childhood and school education, as well as support exchange of experience among school practitioners and policy makers. The project’s dedicated page in the European Toolkit for Schools can be found here, featuring a short description in 29 languages and a detailed description in English.

In addition to this exceptional recognition, CARDET is proud to highlight two recent publications, in renowned academic journals, that analyse and showcase the lasting impact of the SWPBS project in the field of education. The findings and lessons drawn from the three-year ERASMUS+ Key Action 3 Policy Experimentation program, spanning across Cyprus, Finland, Greece, and Romania served as the basis for the ‘Contextual Adaptations to Implement SWPBS With Fidelity: The Case of Cyprus’ and ‘Effects of the Universal Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports on Collective Teacher Efficacy’ research publications.

Both of the studies provide invaluable insights into the aftermath of successful systematic implementation of SWPBS approach in schools around Cyprus and Greece revealing positive outcomes on teachers’ collective belief in providing quality teaching opportunities and managing unexpected behaviors as a team. The academic publications are readily available to all here:

On this note, CARDET would like to extend its gratitude to all project participants, collaborators, and stakeholders for their invaluable contributions to the success of the SWPBS initiative. The organisation remains committed to advancing inclusive and positive learning environments and looks forward to continued collaboration in shaping the future of education.


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