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“The Treasures of Europe”

“The Treasures of Europe”

CARDET in collaboration with Cyprus Youth Organization celebrated the 30 Years of the revered European institution Erasmus with an active day of active learning activities and music in the old city of Larnaca on Saturday 6th May.

CARDET participated with 22 of its staff and utilized the resources from 39 of its active educational projects making it the biggest and most representative participations in a single event in its history. The medium of the interaction took the form of an active learning “Treasure hunt” where teams would roam the old city of Larnaca finding the ten stations solving puzzles and answering questions in game format by getting as many points as possible. Each station focused on sharing core European values that Erasmus is supporting via these programs and utilize resources developed in various projects related to this value.

Station 1. “Know and Go” – This station, dealing with Knowledgeable Participation, the participants had to identify some environmental problems and create sustainable solutions through entrepreneurial ideas. The station represented the projects EntrInnO, GIGS and SciFun.

Station 2. “I feel you” – This station, dealing with Empathy and Acceptance, the participants had to engage in a variation of the popular game Taboo by identifying keys concepts describing understanding and tolerance that relate to the idea of global citizenship. The station represented the projects TaSDi-PBS, SIMILAR, E-Evalinto.

Station 3. “I green” – This station, dealing with Environmental Sustainability, and the participants had to use their imagination to identifying keys concepts from a visual representation from the field of environmental sustainability. The station represented the projects EaThink, Climate Literacy and StopMadMining.

Station 4. “Fair Play” – This station, dealing with Equality and Justice, the participants had to metaphorically get in the shoes of persecuted people by placing themselves in an all too real narrative situation where they have limited time to choose what they could carry with them, should a war broke right then and there and let them respond as rationally or emotionally as they can. The station represented the projects Epsilon, Lighthouse and CREATIVE.

Station 5. “I have a voice” – This station, dealing with Citizenship, had the participants discussing the concept the issues pertaining to the refugees, from leaving their homes, to their travels and settlement and integration problems in their new places. The station represented the projects EmpoweringYou, DIMA, SFYouth.

Station 6. “You, Me, All” – This station, dealing with Respect and Inclusion, had the participants rate possible solutions arising from real life difficulties presented to disenfranchised groups like children with learning difficulties, immigrants, religious minorities in the school culture . The station was representing the projects iDecide, YEIP and Us&Them.

Station 7. “Fusion World” – This station, dealing with Multiculturalism, had the participants acknowledge the commonality of human respectfulness by asking participants to identify these globalized words. The station represented the projects VALUE, IDPBC and Polyglot.

Station 8. “Just Act” – This station, dealing with Social Responsibility, asked the participants to test their knowledge by matching both the knowledge of migration patterns throughout the history as well as test their understanding of what differentiates social and solidarity companies to traditional companies based on their conceptual basis as well as practices. The station represented the projects SUSY, ComBus and FYS-Forums.

Station 9. “We move together” – This station, dealing with Solidarity and Collaboration, asked the participants to test their knowledge by answering a knowledge quiz about the global reality of the refugees and a variation of the classic game “Guess Who?” where they had to test their understanding about population movements. The station represented the projects Blend in, MMN, TrainVol.

Station 10 “The Treasure Chest” – Finally the participants informed us whether the treasure hunt was a European funded activity that that they valued and provide suggestion of how it can become even better and provided the team with video testimonials of their views.

The winners received gifts of a total value of 600 Euros, a generous offer of the Cyprus Youth Organization and CYTA and the activities of the Treasure hunt funded by the European Commission.