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The E2 Roundtable

The E2 Roundtable

On March 27th CARDET in collaboration with the Institute of Development organised a Roundtable in Lefkosia, Cyprus foreseen within the BeOld project activities.

The participants were HR Managers and older workers representing public, private and non-profit organisations who were interested in learning more about supporting odler workers and organizational environment in coping with age transitions and work requirements.

The Roundtable structure was as follows:

  • Presentation of the BeOLD project (aims, objectives, outputs, activities, partners, financing program)
  • Working session 1: Utility and use of the Vocational counselling methodology for older workers ‘Better Work at Old Age”
  • Working session 2: Adapting to the aging workforce: The Training program for human resources managers, managers, coordinators, directors of organizations/institutions: 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Working session 3: Older workers: challenges, opportunities and future directions
  • Working session 4: Questions and answers. Conclusions

At the event there were two trainers from CARDET, one trainer specialised in adult education and one trainer specialised in older workers.

Participants overall feedback on the event was positive with many making a positive remark about the Mentoring programme and how they plan to use it in their organisations.

Discussions centered on the lack of such training in Cyprus and what important steps are necessary to be able to support older workers and HR Managers in better age management.

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