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Online Event – Youth Radicalization in the Digital Era

Online Event – Youth Radicalization in the Digital Era
CARDET is hosting an online discussion to explore the threats of violent extremism and youth radicalization online.
The event, organized as part of the project HYPER, will examine the effect digital tools have on the radicalization process and how do radicals use the internet to engage and influence young people.
Speakers of the Event:
Dr Hilary Pilkington – Professor of Sociology at the University of Manchester and Fellow of the UK Academy of Social Sciences. She is currently coordinator of the H2020 DARE (Dialogue about Radicalisation and Equality) project (, which considers the social origins and effects of radicalisation, focusing on young people and on both Islamist and anti-Islam(ist) (extreme right) radicalisation.
Petros Petrikkos – Doctoral Candidate (International Relations and European Studies) at the University of Nicosia, Department of Politics and Governance and Research Associate at the Diplomatic Academy. His research focuses on questions of societal insecurity and resilience, misinformation, hybrid threats, and foreign policy in small states.
Nicholas D. James – DPhil Student a the University of Oxford, Department of Politics and IR; and Doctoral Fellow Centre for Analysis of the Radical Right
The event will be in English and participation is open and free.
To participate please register via the following link:…/tZ0ocOigqzsvHdG…