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MMN – Sustainability and Exploitation Questionnaire

MMN – Sustainability and Exploitation Questionnaire

The purpose of the Mediterranean Migration Network (MMN) sustainability and exploitation plan is to outline the future of the program and the use of valuable knowledge gained from it. The sustainability and exploitation plan contains details about the actions and activities of the MMN along with the research carried out during the program duration.

Successful exploitation and sustainability of the MMN results is one of the key objectives of the network and the program overall. To enable sustainability and exploitation, this plan includes the most important aspects: the results to be exploited, the target groups and stakeholders, the needs and requirements of stakeholders and finally the sustainability and exploitation models. Additional to the current plan is the 3rd edition of the Mediterranean Migration Booklet which collects good practices of migration management and integration from various MMN members.

The greatest potential for exploitation of program results is within the program partners and their networks, who will need to find ways to continue the impact of the program and promote the use of the MMN framework as a central EU platform for exchanging information and practices among member states as well as to make a significant contribution to the development of a strategy for the management and integration of Third Country Nationals (TCNs) in a host community.

Within this framework, the Mediterranean Migration Network created a questionnaire, through which it helps the MMN team to collect members’ ideas regarding the sustainability and exploitation of the Mediterranean Migration Network program. The idea collected will be analysed, in order to identify the possibilities for further deployment and exploitation of the products and outcomes of the program.

MMN aspires to become a consultancy body for its members and external stakeholders. What is more, MMN aims to grow into a hub for collective knowledge and synergies based on experience gathered by the network and its constituent members, in order to improve their migration policies and integration practices and to respond effectively to the escalading challenges created by migration.

The network today can provide newcomers with expertise in EU funding applications, online resources capacities and finding relevant and knowledgeable counterparts for collaboration.

Should you wish to contribute to the sustainability and exploitation questionnaire you can do it here.

For more information about the MMN visit or contact us via email. Finally, to become members of the Mediterranean Migration Network you can join us here.

The action “Integration Network” (Action 2/3-CY/2018/AMIF/SO2.NO3.3.1/2) is co-funded by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (90%) and the Republic of Cyprus (10%)

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