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MMN Mobile App

The Mediterranean Migration Network aims to promote collaboration and exchange of good practices among public and private stakeholders active in the fields of migration and integration. In this framework, MMN mobile app was designed by the international research center of CARDET in collaboration with the INNOVADE consulting firm under the action “Integration Network” (Action 2/3 – CY/2016/AMIF/SO2.NO3.3.1) which is co-funded by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (90%) and the Republic of Cyprus (10%).

This project builds further on the continuation of the Mediterranean Migration Network (MMN), and envisions to expand its membership, as well as to empower the cooperation among its members in addressing migration and integration challenges in Europe and the Mediterranean Basin.

The MMN mobile app supports further the MMN members and provides them direct access to:

  • technical knowledge and strengthening institutional capacity on migration and integration, aiming at long-term sustainability.
  • Find all the registered members of the MMN. Members have access to a variety of resources including online debates, forums, and future e-learning activities. Moreover, members have access to the profiles of all other members, which can potentially lead to partnerships for future projects.
  • Find information for running Calls for Proposals for National, European and International Funding Schemes, and opportunities for partnering with other MMN members.
  • engage in discussions with other members, debate on migration related issues, and share ideas. Several online debates will be organized and announced to community members.
  • Find a well-organized collection of useful websites related to Migration issues.

The Mediterranean Migration Network (MMN) mobile app is now available for androids in Google Play and for IOS in the Apple Store.

The action “Integration Network” (Action 2/3-CY/2018/AMIF/SO2.NO3.3.1/2) is co-funded by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (90%) and the Republic of Cyprus (10%)

Target Groups

8, 12, 16, 18

Education Level