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EWSI 8th Editorial Meeting

EWSI 8th Editorial Meeting

CARDET is proud to be one of the 28 Country Coordinators who participated the EWSI (European Web Site on Integration) 8th Editorial Meeting on the 18th and 19th of September in Brussels, Belgium. The purpose of the meeting was to bring together Country Co-ordinators from each of the 28 EU Member States to discuss content and promotional priorities of the Site.

In this regard, CARDET is responsible for uploading national level content, collecting information to produce EU-wide analyses and promoting the Web Site in their respective countries. During the editorial meeting the 2017 integration developments and the 2018 priorities for integration at EU level were discussed, setting the future targets and goals in respect of the content and promotion of the Website.

What is EWSI?

The European Web Site on Integration is the European Commission’s portal for information on immigrant integration. The aim of the European Web Site on Integration is to help improve the effectiveness of integration policies and practices in the European Union by sharing successful strategies and supporting collaboration and cooperation between practitioners. It is intended as a tool for people working in the field of integration, both in non-government and government organisations.

Background Information

The integration of third-country nationals legally residing in the Member States of the European Union (EU) has gained increasing importance on the European agenda in recent years.

The Hague Programme on strengthening freedom, security and justice in the EU, adopted by the European Council in November 2004, called for the development of a Web Site on Integration. In that same month the Groningen Ministerial Conference on Integration invited the Commission, in close cooperation with the National Contact Points on Integration, to establish a public- private partnership to create and maintain an integration Web Site.

The European Commission’s Directorate General for Home Affairs has commissioned the Migration Policy Group in partnership with various organisations like CARDET to develop the website in 2007. Since 2011, MPG maintains the website together with Intrasoft International as IT service provider.

How EWSI supports Integration in the EU

The website provides a “one-stop-shop” for information and good practices to support the integration of immigrants in all Member States.

The website covers all dimensions of integration and gathers information from a wide variety of stakeholders. It has been designed for use by national, regional and local authorities, by civil society organisations, and by practitioners in local organisations.

The aim is also to develop the Site as an EU-wide platform for networking on integration, through exchange about policy and practice.

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