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DiSoCi Multiplier event with adult educators in Cyprus

DiSoCi Multiplier event with adult educators in Cyprus

Adult education, as well as issues around integration of migrants and refugees are crucial within the European context. With the increasing numbers of migrants and refugees in Europe, it is critical to have programs that can be used to facilitate their integration. The DiSoCi partners have completed a package with Open Education Resources (OERs) and a study program that they can follow in order to apply training themselves with migrants and refugees.

CARDET has organized a multiplier event to disseminate the results of the project to adult educators. The event took place at the Classic Hotel, with 17 adult educators. During the event, the project was presented, as well as the website of the project, along with a discussion on the value of the package for adult educators and the use of it to enhance digital and social competences that will facilitate the integration of migrants and refugees. There are three Intellectual Outputs from the Project: Assessment model (O1), Study program (O2), and e-repository (O3).

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Target Groups

10, 11, 13, 15

Education Level

7, 8