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Digital Culture and Digital Citizenship: Exploring the Boundaries

Digital Culture and Digital Citizenship: Exploring the Boundaries

EY2018 objective is to help trigger real change in the way we enjoy, protect and promote heritage, benefiting citizens in the longer term.

Cultural and Creative Industries(CCIs) is one of the most sustainable sectors in times of crises and can more easily adapt to the changing conditions Europe is the second largest Cultural and Creative industry in the world after Asia, and creates 32% of global CCI revenues and 26% of world-wide CCI jobs. The whole CCIs sector represents around 4% of European GDP and provides jobs to 8 million people (European Commission, 2017).

Within the framework of the EY2018, Xenios Polis, The Greek Ministry of Digital Policy, Telecommunications, & Information, and the international center CARDET hosted a 2-day event on Culture, Digital Technologies & Entrepreneurship. A highly attended event was well received by participants. The areas of discussion focused on 4 main pillars: (1) Digital culture and European funding opportunities (2) Museums, cultural centers and digital tools; (3) Culture, tourism, and virtual worlds; (4). Education and the new media and digital technologies. More details about the event you can find here.

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Target Groups

1, 2, 4, 7, 9, 12, 18

Education Level

3, 5, 6