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Celebrating the use of the arts for improving well-being: TABLO final conference in the UK

Celebrating the use of the arts for improving well-being: TABLO final conference in the UK

Full of enthusiasm, joy, and nostalgic emotions, the TABLO partners have organized the final project conference, in Canterbury, United Kingdom. A full house, with over 200 participants, the Cathedral Lodge conference room hosted a series of presentations and workshops related to the theme of “The art of improving well-being”.

The conference celebrated the completion of an online toolkit, created by CARDET, with the contents created by partners and other professionals, which contains chapters, activities and therapies based on 14 conditions and which can be used mainly by professionals to learn about different conditions and apply activities and therapies with users.

Indicative activities from the toolkit were demonstrated at the conference, for example “Clapping hands”, “Music of the world”, and “Hand bells”.

Speeches on working with art land, on new horizons and challenges in art therapy, interactive technologies, as well as the future of the use of the arts and wellbeing have sparked interesting conversations and enables participants to understand the value of the project and the overall effort of improving people’s mental wellbeing through the use of the arts.

To access and use the TABLO toolkit, you can click here. To view the contents, go ahead and register.

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