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CARDET takes on Horizon 2020 project on science education and sustainability

CARDET takes on Horizon 2020 project on science education and sustainability

We are excited to announce our involvement in a fascinating Horizon 2020 project, bringing experts from different regions in Europe together, to strengthen educational outside-the-classroom (EOC) networks.

Education outside the classroom (EOC) is when places other than the school are used for teaching and learning. These methods are of great value and is about providing a more exciting and challenging environment for learning, as well as providing students with new experiences to facilitate learning.

OTTER – Outdoor Science Education for a Sustainable Future,is officially in action, aiming to enhance the understanding of EOC methods and pedagogies and how they can help improve the acquisition of scientific knowledge and transferable skills in students. It will also facilitate the strengthening of those networks within Europe, connecting experts from four different regions within the continent; Finland, Hungary, Ireland and Spain.

The project is based on scientific contexts, on the grounds and belief that learning through science enhances the students’ observation, reasoning and argumentation, which are some of the foundations for all learning. It is also concernedwith the field of environmental sustainability and the reduction of plastic waste.

To achieve this goal, a consortium of experts in EOC will be formed, strengthening networks within Europeand building a foundation for the development of EOC pilot schemes.

Furthermore, the partnership aims to identify methods for measuring and accrediting the recognition of knowledge and skills developed via EOC and will seek to enrich the inventory of tools available for future methods of accreditation beyond the end of the project.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates about the project!