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CARDET successfully pilots M-Easy’s Training Course

CARDET successfully pilots M-Easy’s Training Course

CARDET organized two separate workshops, on the 15 and 18th of November 2019 respectively, to test and evaluate M-Easy’s innovative training course to improve mathematical skills of low-skilled adults. The two workshops served as an opportunity for a group of 19 migrants and asylum seekers to come into contact with the tools of the project and test its innovative methodology of blended learning.

During the first workshop, the project manager presented the M-Easy, introducing to the learners its scope objectives and tools. He then invited them to browse through its website and take the assessment tool. After each learner finished his/her assessment, the project manager recorded his/her score and had a brief discussion as to the skills he/she needs to develop as per the findings of the assessment. Consecutively, the group was presented the project’s e-Directory of Existing Apps and M-Easy’s app and was encouraged to use them over the weekend so that we can test their progress in the second session that was held on the 18th of November.

The second session commenced with a brief discussion where the participants were asked to share their thoughts and experience in using the tools of M-Easy. They were then asked to take up the assessment tool. After their second results were recorded, an evaluation session was held during which participants shared their views as to the process and the project, itself and were asked to fill in the evaluation forms of the project.

The piloting showed that M-Easy’s learning course can make a significant contribution to the mathematical skills of learners. A comparison of the results of the pre and post assessment showed that all participants exhibited progress and got better results in their second test. Most importantly, the facilitator of the workshop recorded excellent comments and regards from the participants who commended the M-Easy project team for its work and resources as well as it innovative approach that allows for catered self-learning.

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10, 11, 13, 15

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