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CARDET participates at the 3rd European Event Europe Goes Local

CARDET participates at the 3rd European Event Europe Goes Local

CARDET and the Cyprus Youth Clubs Organisation participated, representing Cyprus, in the 3rd European Event ‘Europe Goes Local’ (EGL) that was held from the 4th to the 6th of June in Brussels. This was the first time that Cyprus took part in the processes of the network and its two representatives actively contributed to its workings through their knowledge, views and insights on youth work at a local context.

The event brought together 200 youth workers, active predominantly but not solely at a municipal level, to learn from each other and explore potential future synergies and collaborations. During this 3-day event, the participants also had the opportunity to reflect on the Charter on Local Youth Work exploring how it can be utilized for the quality development of local youth work. Moreover, it featured multiple keynote speeches from representatives of various European bodies -European Commission, Council of Europe, European Youth Forum, NGOs, municipalities- who shared insights and presented good practices in the field of Local Youth Work.

Being the largest non-profit research organization in Cyprus with an established presence in the field of youth, CARDET wishes to become an active agent for the implementation of this new support tool on Local Youth Work in Cyprus. The Centre will coordinate with the National Agency of ERASMUS+ Cyprus and other stakeholders to reap the benefits and advantages the Charter on Local Youth Work can generate.

Find the European Charter on Local Youth Work and some more information about the EGL Network and its events.

Target Groups

9, 12, 16, 18