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Month: July 2018

Second Transnational Meeting

The second transnational meeting of the QUALIFY project has taken place in Malaga, Spain from June 26 to June 27, 2018. Several project management issues were discussed, while all important information about the Intellectual Output 2 and Intellectual Output 3 entitled “Innovative coaching intervention practices” and “Modern ICT Tools to Support Career Management for Low-Skilled Adults” respectively were explained in detail by the leading organisations. Dissemination was also one aspect of the project which was discussed, while next steps and deadlines were set in order to ensure the successful continuation of the project.

Games, Tales, and Social Space: Reflections on Engagement, Inclusion, and Digital Citizenship

The keynote speech synthesized lessons learned from more than 20 years of research and development in the areas of digital learning. The use of games, social media, and online tools is opening opportunities to both learners and teachers. The emphasis was on the role of digital tools for revisiting how we teach and learn, and the potential for transforming education practices. Projects presented and discussed addressed issues such as gamification, storytelling, social media, and digital citizenship, providing recommendations for both researchers and practitioners.

The presentation is available online here.