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RELIEF: euRopean bio-Economy aLliancE in Farming

RELIEF: euRopean bio-Economy aLliancE in Farming

Agriculture, crucial for economies and social development, confronts various challenges including market globalisation and climate change. With a projected 70% increase in food demand by 2050, sustainable solutions are imperative. Bioeconomy, reliant on renewable biological resources, offers a promising avenue. However, Europe’s bioeconomy potential remains largely untapped due to skill shortages and educational gaps.

To address this, the EU emphasises investing in education and innovation to empower the workforce with new initiatives such as RELIEF. At the core, the project aims to bridge these gaps by offering comprehensive training and educational programs, fostering a multidisciplinary approach to equip agriculture professionals with the skills needed for a sustainable bioeconomy-driven future.

This document is aimed at informing applicants for EU funding. It serves only as an example. The actual web forms and templates are provided in the Funding & Tenders Portal Submission System (and may contain certain differences). The applications (including annexes and supporting documents) must be prepared and submitted online via the Portal.

Target Groups

Policy makers, General public, Elderly

Education Level

Adult education