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INCLUDE – Inclusive Academies

INCLUDE – Inclusive Academies

INCLUDE project puts forward a comprehensive program, involving research, direct action and the development of learning resources, to educate and support coaches, executives and staff of sport academies working with young athletes (12-18 years old) so that they can actively contribute in tackling discrimination in youth sports.

INCLUDE focuses on promoting inclusion and diversity by taking concrete action to tackle existing barriers linked to discrimination in the field of youth sport. Additionally, its scope, proposed actions and deliverable will make a meaningful contribution to an array of the priorities set by the Erasmus+ programme in the field of sport. Namely, the project will work towards combating violence and tackling racism, discrimination and intolerance in sport and to promote integrity and values in sport by helping improve good governance in sport and promoting the positive values of sport.

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Target Groups

Youth, Public bodies

Education Level

Professional education