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EMERGE: EMpowERinG civic Engagement and participation

EMERGE: EMpowERinG civic Engagement and participation

 In Cyprus, civic participation and active citizenship face many challenges, such as institutional barriers or the lack of awareness of citizens of their status. Active citizenship and civic participation are vital for building an equitable and resilient society.

The EMERGE envisions putting forward a comprehensive framework to strengthen civil society and promote civic participation. – Educational resources will be developed to educate and inform citizens on political and social issues and build the capacity of CSOs, Citizens and practitioners. – Citizens will have the opportunity to get in touch with Cypriot CSOs and engage in participatory processes, carry out awareness-raising campaigns to raise citizens’ awareness of the role and contribution of CSOs and encourage their active participation. – Citizens and CSOs will have the chance to network, exchanging experiences and synergies.

The target group of the project is: Greek Cypriots, Turkish Cypriots, Migrants, CSOs organisations and practitioners from both communities. Change in society can happen through us, and active citizenship can contribute to the realisation of what we can do as citizens, the power we have and the change we can make in this world.

Target Groups

Professionals, Youth, Adults, Migrants, Policy makers

Education Level

Adult education, Professional education