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Adults Education against Abuses of Power

Adults Education against Abuses of Power


The “Adults Education against Abuses of Power” project is about promoting, protecting, and implementing gender equality and nonviolence. The project’s aim is to exchange ways to overcome the abuse and violence towards women by gaining innovative tools and raising awareness about gender abuse. To tackle the issue of gender inequality, the role of women is also examined through the lens of ethnicity, sexual orientation and/or disabilities.

The project is planning learning activities which will include study visits to understand the reality of the adult gender abuse victims, round tables to benchmark the methods of working with adult learners and a course to address adult nonviolence through emotional management tools. Through this project, it is expected that adult trainers will accrue more capacities which will create a positive and direct impact to the gender-abuse collectives they work with. Additionally, the project will deepen the expertise, of the entities, on gender discrimination and violence; hence, improving the designed activities.

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Target Groups

School leaders, Researchers, Professionals, Youth, Adults

Education Level

VET, Adult education, Professional education