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RELIEF Launches Free Online Courses to Enhance Agricultural Bioeconomy Skills

RELIEF Launches Free Online Courses to Enhance Agricultural Bioeconomy Skills

RELIEF is excited to announce the launch of its new e-learning platform, designed to upskill individuals in the agricultural bioeconomy. This innovative platform, now available to the public, offers 20 specialised courses complete with supplementary materials, aimed at boosting knowledge and skills essential for sustainable agriculture.

Engaging and Accessible Learning Experience

The platform provides an interactive and engaging learning experience through gamified resources, ensuring optimal user engagement and knowledge retention. Supporting multiple languages, including English, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, and Swedish, the platform is accessible to a diverse audience. Courses cater to various educational levels, from university students to agronomists and farmers, and are entirely free of charge.

Comprehensive Course Offerings

The platform features five primary modules, each containing multiple learning units. Watch the introductory videos to discover the course contents:

Participants can explore introductory videos to get an overview of the comprehensive knowledge in bioeconomy and circularity concepts, as well explore multidisciplinary, cross-sectoral, and managerial skills to further enhance and implement bioeconomy practices in rural contexts.

Easy Access and Support

Interested individuals can register and access the courses online for free at the RELIEF E-Learning Platform. To assist users, the platform offers detailed guides and a YouTube tutorial for effective navigation. Additionally, trainer support materials, including PowerPoints and activity instructions for each module, are available.

RELIEF provides training opportunities for university students, agricultural consultants and farmers to facilitate the transition to the bioeconomy in the agricultural sector and help revitalise rural areas in the EU. RELIEF is funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the EU – Partnership for Innovation, Alliances for Education and Enterprises action.

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Target Groups

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Education Level

Adult education