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Participatory Democracy Strategy

Participatory Democracy Strategy

Name/Title: The Republic of Cyprus’ Strategy for Active Citizenship and Participatory Governance

Executive Summary – Overview

CARDET was awarded a contract by the Commissioner for the Citizen to compile the Republic of Cyprus’ Strategy for Active Citizenship and Participatory Governance. For the needs of strategy, the Centre conducted in-depth research and consultations with government officials and CSOs to map the current state affairs and to identify good practices from across Europe. Following a thorough analysis of its findings, CARDET compiled  a comprehensive strategy putting forward a purposeful vision complemented by tangible objectives and steps to promote civic participation and participatory processes in Cyprus. 

Background – General

The process to develop Cyprus’ National Strategy for Active Citizenship and Participatory Governance marks the commitment of the Republic of Cyprus to further enhance civic participation and promote collaborative, inclusive and accountable policy making. The strategy reflects and advances the values and priorities set by the European Democracy Action Plan and is in line with the citizens’ demand for greater involvement and influence in the government’s decisions. 

Solution – CARDET Focused

In coordination with the Commissioner for Citizen, CARDET structured and implemented a structured plan for the development of the Strategy ensuring that it will be based on concrete research on the field as well as it would be taking into consideration the input and suggestions of stakeholders. Through that process, the Center engaged several government institutions and civil society organisations, via questionnaires, interviews, strategic visioning workshops, and consultation events, to map out the existing participatory processes and actions to promote active citizenship as well as challenges and suggestions to be taken into consideration. Additionally, it studied approaches and actions implemented across Europe to identify and record best practices that could be adapted for the Cyprus context. 

The National Strategy was compiled setting a clear vision, objectives and a proposed action plan to support and further citizens’ participation in policy shaping and implementation in the Republic. The strategy was shared with organisations and stakeholders to collect feedback and suggestions prior to being submitted and approved by the Council of Ministers. 

Results – Impact

The Republic of Cyprus’ Strategy for Active Citizeship and Participatory Governance was approved by the Council of Ministers in December 2022 and was presented in an official ceremony held at the Presidential Palace in January 2023. Per the parameters of the collaboration with the Commissioner of the Citizen and the action plan put forward, in charge of its implementation are the institutions of the Republic. 

As part of its step and work towards the formulation of the strategy, CARDET produced the following:

  • A Mapping report presenting the procedures, tools and policies in place to facilitate and enable the participation of citizens in governmental institution’s decision making process. The report also lays out the challenges identified by the representatives of governmental institutions along with suggestions and propositions on the topic. 
  • A Good Practices Report, illustrating a selection of case studies and examples of innovative approaches and tools in place in European countries to support the participation of citizens and promote active citizenship. 
  • The National Strategy for Active Citizenship and Participatory Governance that sets in place a comprehensive framework and vision, along with an action plan, to further active citizenship and civic participation in Cyprus.


Civic Participation, Governance, Policy, Active Citizenship

Countries covered


Implementation Period

July 2022 – January 2023

Funding Agency

The Republic of Cyprus