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Name/Title: EntrInnO – Online Game for Entrepreneurship and Innovation”

Executive Summary – Overview

In response to the rise in youth unemployment, via the research conducted by the consortium of the project, EntrInno developed and put forward an interactive learning tool that utilises a gamified approach to cultivate entrepreneurial competencies, drive innovation and guide youth  οn their path to success.


Against the backdrop of heightened challenges across European economies and high-levels of youth unemployment, the EntrInnO project was initiated to help empower and encourage young people to become entrepreneurs. In particular, the initiative sought to leverage the interactivity and engagement of digital games, traditionally associated with entertainment, and channel those benefits towards educational and self-development purposes instead. In doing so, the initiative put forward an innovative gaming platform  to equip young people with essential business skills that would enable them to formulate their own enterprises and mitigate high youth unemployment. 

Solution – CARDET Focused

Following the invaluable insights and research conducted by the Consortium, the EntrInno initiative incorporated a simulation game hosted on Moodle LMS for a fully customised gaming and educational experience. By moving through the game, the users are put before the life-like business scenarios and learn from simulated game design to enhance their critical entrepreneurial skills. 

This challenges the traditional Learning Management System design, and gives a glimpse into otherwise unattainable scenarios of designing, developing and running an enterprise. To further expand their entrepreneurial repertoire, the game also features multiple opportunities for social interaction, serving as a platform for discussion, idea generation and networking. Moreover, the gaming hub allows players to track their progress through character upgrades, as well as a scoreboard for an additional element of competition. 

Results – Impact

EntrInnO’s platform employed innovative ICT-based educational approaches and gaming to elevate the tool from a Learning Management System to an engaging and accessible simulation experience to foster innovation and entrepreneurship skills. Through the work of the project, the innovative online gaming platform has:

  • Validated gaming as a novel form of non-formal learning practice to help engage and motivate young adults to commit to active and experiential learning
  • Re-emphasised the need for novel IT-backed learning tools to adhere to numerous learning styles with a strong focus on experiential learning of entrepreneurship
  • Reached over 300 young entrepreneurs and offered educational material to further strengthen their entrepreneurial ambitions
  • Brought to light the transversal skills such as entrepreneurship and innovation, as well as basic skills such as digital literacy, communication and networking skills. 
  • Strengthened cooperation and exchange of information and good practices between European countries.


Youth, Adults, Entrepreneurial Skills, Soft Skills

Countries covered

Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Romania, United Kingdom

Implementation Period

01.09.2015 – 31.10.2017

Funding Agency

European Commission – Erasmus + ΚΑ2 Adult Education



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