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Cyprus Education Summit

Cyprus Education Summit

Executive Summary – Overview 

The Cyprus Education Summit is an annual high-level conference, organised by CARDET, that provides an in-depth exploration of key themes, trends and prospects in all aspects of education and training. The Conference offers the space for Education practitioners and policy makers, teachers and stakeholders to discuss and exchange views, experiences, as well as suggestions to pave the way for the introduction of structured policies and actions in the field. 

Background – General

The field of education and by extension the Educational system of Cyprus are undergoing profound transitions, spurred by technological advancements, evolving societal needs, and a changing global landscape. A multi-level transformation prompts new realities and bears the need to re-evaluate existing approaches and policies, as well as opportunities to ensure that students and educators alike are provided with the support and guidance needed to navigate and thrive in the new environment. This dictates the need to assess and explore ways to bridge theory with practice, foster collaboration and facilitate the formulation of comprehensive and catered propositions that put forward actionable steps towards a progressive, inclusive and future-ready education system. 

Solution – CARDET Focused

The Cyprus Education Summit brings together key stakeholders and policymakers with renowned academics, experts and practitioners serving as a forum for the examination of key themes, developments and aspects of education.  Each year, the summit focuses on a topic of pivotal importance within the Cyprus educational system, in particular: 

  • 2021: Digital Transformation and Digital Skills – Trends and Strategies for Lifelong Learning and Adult Education
  • 2022: The professional learning of educators – Challenges and Prospects 
  • 2023: The evaluation of students as an essential component of the educational process  

The team of CARDET, in collaboration with its associates, develops a robust program inviting high-level speakers from Cyprus and abroad, with longstanding expertise and experience in the field,  to share their insights and experiences along with case studies in the field.  Through their presentations, they link theoretical concepts with pedagogical applications to bring to the fore empirically supported practices that align with the needs and can be effectively adopted in Cyprus’ educational system. An essential component of the Cyprus Education Summit, is to give the opportunity to the education professionals to voice their views and propositions on the field as well as raise questions to the experts and government officials participating in the processes of the summit. 

Results – Impact

Since its launch in 2021, the Cyprus Education Summit has established itself as the leading conference in the field of education in Cyprus. Each year, the Summit has had the pleasure of hosting, as speakers and attendees, key government officials, esteemed academics, notable education practitioners and representatives of leading educational institutions and organisations. 

Specifically, over the years, the Summit successfully resulted in:

  • Hosting 30+ renowned speakers – government officials, policymakers, academics, researchers, educators and practitioners
  • Attracting more than 400+ participants from the whole spectrum of the educational system 
  • Producing structured reports with propositions for actionable steps and measures that can further improve the Cyprus Educational system.



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