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Online Platforms


An AI-powered training platform ideal for video-based learning that incorporates gamification elements as well as social features for interactive peer learning. Unique capabilities include embedded Zoom functionality for live teachings and a Focus Mode for distraction-free studying.


Online Game for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

A customised Moodle-based training platform to help develop youth entrepreneurial competencies and innovation abilities through engaging game design elements.


Digital Transformation of the Vet Sector

Learning Platform that incorporates adaptive learning paths for VET providers and trainers to digitise and modernise their practices.

Learning Design & Development


Improvement of the Digital Skills of Adults in Cyprus

A blended learning course for educators that incorporates customised videos, graphics, and real-world scenarios to assist them in Teaching Digital Skills and implementing effective training approaches for adult learners.

Bank of Cyprus

A scenario-based interactive Health and Safety training course tailored to immerse learners in a customised banking environment incidents to reinforce targeted safety responses aligned to the Bank of Cyprus protocols.


Protection System for large gatherings of people in Religious Sites

A training course for assisting religious staff to Safeguard and Protect Places of Worship from threats and dangers through scenario-based modules tailored to their needs, drawing on real-life examples.

Synergy Audit – SYAT

A train-the-trainers elearning program to enhance the skills of civil servants in conducting environmental audits using a story-based approach.