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Stars4SD Project Successfully Concludes, Empowering Young Entrepreneurs Across Europe

Stars4SD Project Successfully Concludes, Empowering Young Entrepreneurs Across Europe

Following the Final ‘Empowering Tomorrow’s Youth Entrepreneurs’ Conference at the University of Cyprus last week, the Stars4SD project has reached its successful conclusion, leaving a lasting impact on the landscape of youth entrepreneurship and sustainable development.

Joined by over 40 students, mentors, and speakers, the conference served as a pivotal milestone of this ambitious Erasmus+ initiative that focuses on the popularisation and implementation of SDG practices across new businesses. The attendees had the unique opportunity to delve into success stories and explore the materials developed throughout the project, gaining insights into the numerous opportunities presented by SDG practices and their adoption.

Over the course of the past two years, the project has continuously drawn inspiration from experts in the field, focused on creating a wider network of SDG entrepreneurs in Europe, as well as provided materials for young entrepreneurs to smoothly integrate sustainability practices. CARDET, who’s been the active driver of the project in Cyprus, is happy to announce that now these innovative tools and materials are also freely available online for everyone, to inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs. These include:

  • Youth Entrepreneurs’ Coaching and Training on SDGs: A comprehensive program designed to educate and empower young entrepreneurs to integrate sustainable practices into their business models.
  • Train the Trainer Guide: A resourceful guide created to enable trainers to effectively convey the principles of SDGs to young entrepreneurs to further multiply the project’s impact.
  • Stars4SD Methodology: A groundbreaking framework for business administration that introduced an award system, encouraging and rewarding young entrepreneurs who took tangible steps towards achieving the specified SDGs.
  • Stars4SD Network: A dynamic network of youth volunteers spanning across EU countries, promoting entrepreneurship and advocating for sustainable development goals.
  • Stars4SD Good Practice Guide: A guide aimed at raising awareness among young entrepreneurs and policy makers regarding innovative, sustainability-oriented, and holistic approaches to youth entrepreneurship.

Without a doubt, the Stars4SD project has left an indelible mark on the landscape of youth entrepreneurship and sustainable development, creating a legacy that will continue to inspire and drive positive change. As we celebrate the successful conclusion of the Stars4SD project, we look forward to witnessing the lasting impact of empowered young entrepreneurs who are committed to building a more sustainable and equitable future.


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