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Excelling Entrepreneurship at the “International Dimension of Centres of Vocational Excellence” Conference in Turin

Excelling Entrepreneurship at the “International Dimension of Centres of Vocational Excellence” Conference in Turin

CARDET is proud to have been given the opportunity to participate in the European Training Foundation’s “International dimension of Centres of Vocational Excellence” Conference in Turin.

The Conference, taking place between 8th and 10th of November, provided an exceptional opportunity to celebrate the successful completion of the Entrepreneurial Centres of Vocational Excellence (Entrepreneurial CoVEs) initiative. Most importantly, it served as a forum to share and explore the invaluable insights and excellent work of the project in promoting international cooperation and vocational excellence amongst distinguished international stakeholders and partners.

Since 2020, CARDET has had the honour of being involved in the project supporting the ETF in the establishment and facilitation of CoVEs, while placing entrepreneurship excellence as the key competence for lifelong learning. Through its longstanding expertise in the field, as the leading research and training institution in Cyprus, CARDET has since helped ETF build up an international platform for distinguished educational institutions and organisations who embrace innovation and quality in their operations, services, and responsiveness to the labor market’s skill demands.

Over the course of this collaboration, CARDET has worked relentlessly to further the ETF’s mission and bring together CoVEs and experts from across the region, putting forward a joint vision and conceptual framework for entrepreneurial vocational training centres. To further assist the initiative, CARDET has been involved in introducing the Tunisian approach to entrepreneurial learning, developing a reflection tool to assess the entrepreneurial methods among CoVEs, carrying out coaching sessions, webinars, as well as spotlighting and sharing valuable practices across the EU.

The conference in Turin has served as an important milestone in bringing together the lessons learned throughout this time. By improving organisational practices, the entrepreneurial ecosystem, teaching and training and material, as well as products and services – the project has successfully helped champion entrepreneurship and revamp local and international CoVEs as the true innovation hubs with strong ties to industry and business and its legacy will, without a doubt, live on.


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