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Month: April 2017

Visual/Video Literacies

 In Higher Education, online learning, and particularly the innovative approach taken in Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), are making increasing use of video technologies to support teaching, learning, and assessment. MOOCs have the potential to make learning open and accessible to all, irrespective of institutional boundaries, national borders, or educational context. Continuing professional development for educators, which focuses on improving competences in video digital literacies, has the potential to improve the quality and relevance of online education, MOOCs and Higher Education, and can particularly support learners and those who prefer visual communication. The project will enhance the digital competences of educators by training them in video/visual thinking strategies (created from an analysis of current practice), delivered in a MOOC designed for Higher Education educators, that is open to others. Participants will learn about new ways of thinking on screen and visual thinking strategies to enhance performance and promote business communication.